The Grandma Dictionary That Only We Can Possibly Understand From A to Z

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As grandmas, we have our own language, but did you know we also have our own dictionary to accompany it? While you probably already know these words and terms, I am giving you a complete dictionary for your reference. You’re welcome (hehe). 

A is for:

  • Affectionate: We love to show affection to these perfect tiny humans, and who can blame us? Try to be a little less cute next time, kids! 
  • Adventurous: Age is just a number, especially when you’re a grandma! We are always ready for the next big adventure – especially if/when it involves the grands.
  • Appetite: I hope you brought your appetite to grandmas! What do you mean you already had a big meal? You look starved – eat some more. 

B is for:

  • Baking: It’s not just about sweet treats and mouth-watering bakes. It’s about teaching little hands to measure, mix, and make something wonderful. Cookies? Pies? Cakes? Bring it on!
  • Bedtime Stories: The cherished tradition of tucking in our grandkids with a magical tale. Whether it’s a fairytale, a fable, or an impromptu adventure, we’re the master storytellers!
  • Boundless Love: Oh, the depths of our love for these little ones! It knows no boundaries. If they only knew just how much we love them – well, they’d be overwhelmed.

C is for:

  • Crafts: Paints, glitters, beads, or clay – you name it, we’re ready to create! Crafting with grandkids is a fun, messy, and delightful way to bond and make memories.
  • Cuddles: There’s nothing quite as comforting as a warm, squishy cuddle from a grandchild. It’s the perfect way to express love without saying a word.
  • Cookies: Grandma’s house is synonymous with the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked cookies. Is there anything more inviting? I don’t think so!

D is for:

  • Doting: It’s what we do best. Doting on our grandkids with affection, attention, and absolute adoration. Is there any other way to do it?
  • Dress-Up: From superheroes and princesses to doctors and astronauts, we’ve seen it all. Dress-up is not just about playing pretend; it’s about igniting imagination and creativity.
  • Delight: The sheer joy that grandkids bring to our lives. Their laughter, their antics, their discoveries – every moment with them is pure delight.

E is for:

  • Endearing: Oh, how our hearts melt with the endearing things our grandkids do and say! From their innocent questions to their unfiltered thoughts, everything is oh-so-adorable.
  • Enthusiastic: Whether it’s cheering for their first steps or clapping at their school play, grandmas are always the most enthusiastic members of the audience. Go, team!
  • Extra Snacks: How many times have we heard, “I’m hungry, Grandma”? Luckily, we’re always ready with an extra snack (or two) tucked away in our purse.

F is for:

  • Family Traditions: As grandmas, it’s our responsibility and joy to pass on the family traditions. Be it holiday rituals, family recipes, or just the simple act of gathering together.
  • Fairy Tales: We’re the chief storytellers of the family, spinning enchanting fairy tales and sparking imaginations, making sure every tale ends with “and they lived happily ever after.”
  • Fun-Filled: Grandma’s house is always full of fun and laughter. From games to arts and crafts, to impromptu dance parties, we’re the fun-filled grandma every child dreams of.

G is for:

  • Generosity: We love to spoil our grandkids, don’t we? But it’s not just about the material things; it’s about the generous love, time, and patience we give them.
  • Giggles: The sweetest sound in the world! Grandmas live for those delightful giggles and belly laughs that can brighten up any day.
  • Grand Adventures: Be it an epic quest in the backyard, a mystery in the attic, or a safari through the living room, grandmas are always up for grand adventures with their grandkids.

H is for:

  • Hugs: The warm, loving embrace that only a grandma can give. A place of comfort and security where worries and fears magically disappear.
  • Homemade: It’s all about those scrumptious homemade cookies, cozy quilts, or hand-knitted sweaters. Anything made with our loving hands carries a special touch of home.
  • Heritage: As grandmas, we’re the gatekeepers of family history and heritage. Sharing stories about our ancestors, passing down recipes, and instilling cultural traditions – it’s all in a day’s work for us.

I is for:

  • Imagination: Whether we’re acting out fairy tales, creating magical worlds, or crafting up a storm, we’re all about fueling our grandkids’ imagination.
  • Infinite Patience: From enduring tantrums to handling messes, grandmas are a beacon of infinite patience, helping to shape these young minds with love and understanding.
  • Ice Cream: It’s always ice cream o’clock at Grandma’s! Perfect for celebrations, comfort, or just because, a scoop or two of their favorite flavor never goes amiss.

J is for:

  • Joy: Our grandkids are the source of our greatest joy. Their smiles, laughter, and every little discovery brings us so much happiness.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles: It’s not just a game; it’s a fun way to bond, an exercise in patience, and a lesson in completing what you start. Plus, that satisfied feeling when you find the last piece!
  • Jokes: Grandmas have an endless supply of funny, silly, and sometimes groan-worthy jokes. After all, what’s better than hearing your grandkids’ laughter ringing through the house?

K is for:

  • Kindness: We lead by example, showing our grandkids how to be kind to others. Small acts of kindness go a long way and it’s a lesson we’re proud to pass on.
  • Keepsakes: From the first lost tooth to handmade crafts, we treasure all the keepsakes from our grandkids. Every little memento holds a story and a sweet memory.
  • Kitchen Experiments: From baking their first cookie to creating a new secret recipe, the kitchen is our lab! It’s a place where we teach, create, and of course, taste!

L is for:

  • Laughter: The sweetest melody in our homes is the sound of our grandkids’ laughter. It’s a sound we cherish, one that instantly brightens up our day.
  • Lessons: Life is full of lessons and as grandmas, we’re there to guide our grandkids through them. We share our wisdom, our experiences, and our stories to help them learn and grow.
  • Love: It’s the heart of everything we do. The love we have for our grandkids is immeasurable, unconditional, and forever.

M is for:

  • Memories: We create them, we treasure them, we share them. Each memory made with our grandkids is a precious keepsake we hold close to our hearts.
  • Mischief: A little bit of mischief is always welcome at Grandma’s house! It’s part of the fun, part of the learning, and part of the joy of having grandkids.
  • Magic: With a dash of imagination, a sprinkle of love, and a dollop of creativity, we create magic every day for our grandkids.

N is for:

  • Nurturing: With a hug to mend a broken heart, a kind word to lift spirits, or a life lesson to guide them, grandmas are the ultimate nurturers.
  • Nature Walks: From the tiniest ladybug to the tallest tree, nature walks with grandmas are a treasure trove of discoveries and life lessons. They teach our grandkids to appreciate and respect the environment.
  • Nap Times: Every exciting adventure at Grandma’s house also includes a peaceful nap time. Because everyone, especially a tireless grandma, needs to recharge before the next round of fun begins!

O is for:

  • Oral History: As grandmas, we’re the bearers of family stories and shared experiences. These tales from the past connect generations and give our grandkids a sense of belonging.
  • Overflowing Love: The amount of love we have for our grandkids can’t be quantified. It’s a boundless, ever-growing feeling that fills our hearts to the brim.
  • Outings: Whether it’s a trip to the local park, an ice cream run, or a visit to the museum, outings with grandma are always filled with fun, learning, and lots of laughter.

P is for:

  • Patience: Grandmas are the epitome of patience. We’re the calm during tantrums, the encouragement during struggles, and the cheerleaders for every small achievement.
  • Playtime: From hide-and-seek to arts and crafts, playtime is serious business at Grandma’s house. It’s a time for fun, creativity, and bonding.
  • Proud: We’re the proudest spectators at school plays, sports games, and recitals. There’s no greater joy than cheering on our grandkids as they show off their talents.

Q is for:

  • Quilting: This traditional craft is a fun, creative way to spend time with the grandkids. Plus, the end result is a cozy keepsake that’s stitched with love.
  • Questions: As grandmas, we are always ready for the never-ending “why’s” and “how’s” from our curious grandkids. Every question is a chance to teach, and every answer sparks their imagination.
  • Quality Time: Nothing beats the precious moments we spend with our grandkids. From baking sessions to bedtime stories, each minute is a memory we cherish.

R is for:

  • Reading: We’re the narrators of countless bedtime stories and the guide to many adventures between the pages of a book. Reading with our grandkids is a journey we absolutely adore.
  • Resilience: Through our own experiences, we teach our grandkids to be resilient. We help them understand that it’s okay to fall, as long as they pick themselves up and try again.
  • Role Model: We’re more than just grandmas – we’re role models to our grandkids. We show them the way with our actions, our words, and our love.

S is for:

  • Sleepovers: These are the nights filled with giggles, late-night snacks, and the best bedtime stories. Sleepovers at grandma’s house are memories that both we and our grandkids hold dear.
  • Sweet Treats: From cookies to cupcakes, homemade candies to ice creams, we’re always ready with sweet treats for our beloved grandkids.
  • Stories: We’re the keepers of family tales, narrators of magical fantasies, and creators of imaginative adventures. In the world of stories, we, the grandmas, rule!

T is for:

  • Traditions: As grandmas, we have the honor of passing down age-old family traditions, whether it’s a special holiday recipe, a yearly summer trip, or a unique bedtime ritual. It’s our job to keep these traditions alive and thriving.
  • Teaching: We’re not just grandmas; we’re also teachers. From tying shoelaces to baking the perfect pie, we teach life skills and valuable lessons that our grandkids will carry with them forever.
  • Tickles: We’re the experts in tickling laughter out of our grandkids. Nothing compares to their infectious giggles and smiles when we launch a surprise tickle attack!

U is for:

  • Unconditional Love: This is the kind of love we grandmas offer – no conditions, no rules, just pure, undiluted love that knows no bounds.
  • Unforgettable: The moments we spend with our grandkids, the memories we create, and the love we share – all of it is unforgettable. We’re their unforgettable grandmas, and they’re our unforgettable joy.
  • Understanding: We are the ears that listen without judgment, the hearts that understand without explanation. We’re the safe harbor where our grandkids can express themselves freely.

V is for:

  • Value: We teach our grandkids the true value of things – not the price tags, but the effort, the love, and the thought that goes into them. Whether it’s a homemade gift or a simple act of kindness, we show them that these are the things that truly matter.
  • Victories: From their first steps to their graduation day, we’re there to celebrate every victory, big or small. Each of their achievements is a joyous occasion worth celebrating.
  • Visits: Whether expected or surprise, visits from our grandkids are always the highlight of our day. Their arrival fills our home with joy, laughter, and a whole lot of love.

W is for:

  • Wisdom: As grandmas, we’re the custodians of family wisdom, the repositories of life’s lessons. We share our wisdom with our grandkids, providing guidance and insights that help shape their lives.
  • Warm Hugs: There’s a special kind of comfort in grandma’s hug, isn’t there? They’re warm, comforting, and full of love, capable of brightening even the gloomiest of days.
  • Wondrous: Through the eyes of our grandkids, we get to see the world anew, making everyday things seem wondrous and extraordinary. And trust me, there’s no greater joy than experiencing that wonder with them.

X if for:

  • XOXO: Our favorite sign-off for every letter, card, or message to our grandkids. It’s our way of sending hugs and kisses, reminding them that they are always loved.
  • X-factor: This is what sets us grandmas apart! Whether it’s our secret cookie recipe, the unique way we tell bedtime stories, or our unbeatable hide-and-seek skills, we all have that special X-factor that our grandkids love.
  • Xylophone: And all other fun, nostalgic toys that we’ve kept from our own children’s childhoods. Introducing these to our grandkids takes them (and us!) on a trip down memory lane.

Y is for:

  • Youthful: Who says age is anything but a number? As grandmas, we have a youthful spirit that’s infectious, keeping us young at heart and allowing us to connect with our grandkids in a special way.
  • Yes: Yes to the extra cookie, yes to one more bedtime story, yes to a little more play before bedtime. We’re the grandmas who say “yes” when everyone else says “no.”
  • Yearning: That feeling we get when we haven’t seen our grandkids in a while. A yearning that only a hug, a smile, or a hearty laugh from our beloved grandkids can fulfill.

Z is for:

  • Zealous: We’re zealous in our love, our care, and our dedication towards our grandkids. We pour our hearts into every bake, every game, every story – making sure they feel our love in everything we do.
  • Zestful: Our enthusiasm and zest for life are infectious! We make sure every visit, every adventure, and every day spent with us is full of excitement and fun.
  • Zzz’s: At the end of a long day filled with fun, laughter, and love, we value those quiet moments when we watch our grandkids drift off to sleep, a contented sigh escaping their lips. There’s nothing quite like a peaceful, grandma-induced sleep!


Now you know your ABCs (next time won’t you sing with me?) and the complete dictionary of grandma! What else would you add? As always, let me know. Have a beautiful day, my fellow Devoted Grandmas.

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