Embark on a Nature Walk with Your Grandkids and Create Art from Found Objects

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No matter the season, there is something amazing to discover in nature, whether it be paw prints in the snow, rocks in the summer, leaves in the fall, or fragrant cherry blossoms in the spring. Spending time in nature with your grandkids is an excellent way to be together and teach them to appreciate the beautiful world around us.

Introduce them to this concept (or, if you already have, get outside and enjoy it!) by embarking on a nature walk and creating art from the objects you find. Here’s how to do it: 

Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

Hiking on a trail with the family
  1. Mental Health Boost: Exposure to nature has been found to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, as the tranquility of nature can provide a refreshing escape from the hectic pace of everyday life for both grandma and grandchild. Need I mention that being in nature also boosts mood and improves mental well-being?
  2. Physical Health Improvement: Engaging in activities like walking or hiking in nature helps improve cardiovascular fitness, build stronger muscles, and improve balance and coordination. (In this screen-happy world, kids can use a little of all of the above!)
  3. Cognitive Enhancement: Nature can improve focus and memory, which I can personally use a little more of. In children, nature can foster curiosity and creativity and improve problem-solving skills.
  4. Bonding and Relationship Building: Spending time in nature as a family can foster deeper relationships, as it’s an opportunity to share experiences, learn from each other, and create lasting memories.
  5. Environmental Stewardship: Engaging with nature helps nurture a sense of respect and care for the environment, plus it’s an ideal setting to discuss the importance of protecting our planet.

Suggestions for Local Walking Trails or Parks

Walking on a nature trail

Finding local parks or trails may depend on your specific location, but here’s a general approach:

  1. Local Parks: Most communities have local parks that offer walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and sometimes even wildlife sightings, all of which can be ideal places for shorter nature walks.
  2. National and State Parks: Depending on your location, you might be close to a state or national park, which often have a range of trails, from easy to challenging, and can offer stunning views and diverse natural experiences.
  3. Botanical Gardens and Arboretums: These places often have well-maintained paths and a wide variety of plants and flowers and can be particularly great for spotting wildlife, especially birds.
  4. Nature Reserves: Nature reserves offer protected areas where you can observe wildlife and enjoy natural landscapes!
  5. Online Resources: Websites like AllTrails, TrailLink, Only in Your State, or even Google Maps can provide information on local walking trails, including difficulty level, length, reviews, and accessibility options.

Nature-Inspired Art Ideas

Art with a leaf

Creating art with found objects in nature can be a fun and educational activity for both children and adults. Here are a few easy ideas to get you started:

  1. Leaf Rubbings: Place a leaf under a piece of paper and use a crayon or colored pencil to rub over the surface. The texture and shape of the leaf will be transferred onto the paper.
  2. Nature Collage: Collect various objects like leaves, twigs, flowers, and pebbles, and arrange them on a piece of paper or canvas. Use glue to secure them in place.
  3. Painted Rocks: Find some smooth stones and paint them with acrylic paints. These can be used as garden decorations or paperweights.
  4. Twig Sculptures: Use twigs, leaves, and any other sturdy materials to build small sculptures or structures.
  5. Nature Printing: Similar to leaf rubbings, but this time use paint. Apply some paint to a leaf, press it against a piece of paper, and peel it off to reveal the leaf print.
  6. Pine Cone Bird Feeder: Coat a pine cone in peanut butter and then roll it in birdseed. Hang it in a tree and watch the birds come to feed.


iBayam Art Supplies, 150-Pack Deluxe Wooden Art Set Crafts Drawing Painting Kit

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Rock painting calls for acrylic paints! (Trust me: The kids’ washable paints – while great for paper – WILL wash off rocks, especially if you place them back outside.)


Is anyone else excited to get outside and explore? Remember, while engaging in these activities, it’s essential to respect nature, so avoid picking from live plants or disturbing wildlife and their habitats. Always leave nature as you found it!

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