Mom’s Visiting Her Son’s Grave When A Bird Comes Right Over To Comfort Her

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Sometimes it’s hard to take certain things as anything but a sign from above.

Some things are just too incredible to be a coincidence, right? It’s such a warm feeling that falls over you like a blanket when you experience this, as someone somewhere is clearly looking out for you and hearing you. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, read on for the story below. It’s a heartwarming one…

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Marie from England lost her son Jack to brain cancer four years ago. The poor boy fought a battle no one should have to face, especially a kid. And as she does every year (and several times in between), she went to pay a visit to his gravestone and have a chat with him. It’s an act that soothes her aching heart if but just for that moment. But one this one occasion, she would receive a sign that he hears her and he’s okay.

As she sat in the cemetery, she noticed a red robin that oddly seemed to hang around the area. It clearly wasn’t afraid and acted as if it wanted or needed something. On the contrary, it knew Mom needed something…

The bird then flew right into her open hand and then on her shoe. When do birds ever act like this, let alone during such a time? She couldn’t help but take this as a sign from above, and her eyes welled and her heart filled with a peace and calmness she hadn’t experienced since the day she lost him. The bird even sat right on top of the gravestone for a heart-wrenching moment. Amazing.

See the moment in the video below. What do you think?

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