20 Gifts That Will Make Your Sports-Loving Grandchild Cheer

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There’s nothing quite like spoiling your grandchildren with their favorite things. If you have a grandchild or two who love sports, these gift ideas will surely impress your sports-loving grandkid! 🙂

Toddlers and Preschoolers

Toddlers and preschoolers can still enjoy sports gifts if they’re age appropriate! Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Happiest Soft Foam Sports Balls

Foam balls are some of the best gifts for toddlers and preschoolers. They’re incredibly soft, so they won’t hurt if they toss them to one another. These are great because they have five balls for different sports and a carrying bag. 

Balacoo Wood Sports Puzzle

Kids of this age thrive with wood puzzles. They’re great for their development, and they’re fun! Your grandchild will place pieces that look like basketballs, baseballs, and other sporting equipment. The pieces are large, making them safe for toddlers. 

Meland Toddlers’ Golf Set

If you want your grandchild to learn golf or just want to get them something cute and fun, this toddler’s golf set is excellent. It comes in a few bright colors, several plastic golf clubs, and balls to practice. 

Foam Tee-Ball Set

This foam tee-ball set is excellent for toddlers aged three to four. It’s the perfect height, the bat is plastic and lightweight, and the balls are super soft foam. It comes with eight balls total, and they’re easy to clean.

Foldable Toddler Soccer Set

A foldable toddler soccer set is perfect for outdoor playtime. The best part is you can easily clean it up and store it when they’re not using the toy. The goal is two feet wide, and the ball quickly deflates for storage.

Ages 6-9

Kids aged six to nine can start playing sports and might get more invested at this point, even if they don’t play sports but love watching; here are some great gift ideas. 

Personalized Kids’ Baseball Jersey

Why not get your grandkid a personalized baseball jersey? These from Amazon (tip: use affiliate “devotedmedia-20”) aren’t for a specific baseball team, but you can add their name and customize the jersey to their favorite color. 

NFL-Opoly Junior

Board games are a great gift that you can play easily with your grandchild. If your grandkid loves football, the NFL-Opoly board game is perfect! It’s similar to regular Monopoly but football-themed. 

Kids’ Indoor Basketball Hoop

This indoor basketball hoop has a plastic backing, making it easy for your grandchild to move around as they see fit. They can hang it in the living room or anywhere else, and the best part is that you can hang it for them to make the height appropriate for them.

Set of Pickleball Paddles

Even if your grandkid doesn’t really know what pickleball is, playing can be fun once they have the right equipment. These pickleball paddles come with two sets and plenty of pickleball for the kids to play with. 

Light Up Basketball

A basketball is a great gift, but a light-up basketball is way cooler, at least for children between the ages of six and nine. Even older kids can appreciate this gift! It lights up and comes with spare batteries when it runs out. 

Ages 10-12

Preteens who love sports will love everything from sporting gear to games to books. These are some great gifts for your grandchild who is 10-12 years old.

The Basketball Book for Boys

The Basketball Book for Boys isn’t just for boys; girls can enjoy his easy-to-read book too. It’s great for kids who love basketball because it tells them about the game’s history, fun facts, and some of the best players of all time. 

Youth Mouthguards

If your grandkids play sports where things get physical, getting them a mouthguard is a great idea. You’re probably wondering why on Earth you’d get these as a gift for a kid, but these are ten times cooler because they come in fun colors. 

Franklin Sports Junior Football

A simple gift for your sports-loving grandkid is the junior-sized football from Franklin Sports. It comes in a few different colors and allows your grandkid to play with a more authentic football than the ones for younger kids.

Portable Mini Basketball Hoop

A mini basketball hoop is excellent for your grandkid’s bedroom. They can hang it on the back of their door and practice shooting from bed. It’s fun, acts like a decoration, and comes with three inflatable balls. 

Sports Inspirational Quotes Wall Decor

If your grandkid needs some decor in their room, these inspirational quotes wall decor will be a great addition. They’re all quotes centered around sports, so it will speak to them whether they play or simply love sports.

Ages 13 and Above

If your grandchild is a teenager, buying them gifts seems more daunting. While buying them tickets to sports camps and their favorite sporting events is fantastic, here are some other ideas if you can’t swing that.

Inspirational Sports Stories

Teenagers need inspiration occasionally, and this book of inspirational sports stories is a great gift. 

Autographed MLB Bat

For grandkids who love baseball, getting them an autographed baseball bat will be a gift they will never forget. The one above is just an example of this fantastic gift idea for your teenage grandchild. 

Adidas Duffel Bag

An Adidas duffel bag is a more simple sports-themed gift you can get your teenage grandchild. This gift is ideal for teenagers who play sports so they can transport their gear easily back and forth. 

NHL Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone needs a Bluetooth speaker at one point or another, and if your grandkid loves hockey, you can get them a Bluetooth speaker with their favorite NHL logo on it. 

Multiple Sports Lawn Game

This lawn game comes with various games for teenagers and the whole family. You can play lawn darts, baseball-themed games, and more. It’s easy to assemble and take with you wherever.

As a grandparent, you probably feel it’s your duty to spoil your grandchildren. Whether they have a birthday coming up, another holiday, or you just want to buy them something, these gifts are fantastic for any sport-loving grandchild.

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