11 Indescribable Feelings When You Become A Grandma The First Time

Do you remember when the doctor first handed you your brand-new baby and how you thought you could never love a human as much as the one that you brought into the world? Come to find out, this isn’t true, as the tiny human that your once-little human made is amazing in a different way, so much so that you feel your heart could explode. There is something special that happens when you become a grandma for the first time, and while it is nearly impossible to describe, I am going to try:


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What is it about being a grandma that makes you feel like you are a member of the most elite club in the world? It’s because you are! Being a grandma means you get to be this new person’s biggest fan and cheerleader and that you get to see (and brag about) all the good things they do! (If you need another reason to be proud, you will find that your grandchild is the cutest and most perfect baby you or anyone else has ever seen.)


Holding that new grandbaby will remind you of all the joy and elation you felt when you first had your own baby, only multiplied times 100. In addition to that hard-to-articulate feeling, you will feel nostalgic when you notice all the subtle (and downright obvious) similarities between your grandbaby and their mom or dad. 


Sure, you may look the same and still have the same hobbies, but you feel like a different person when your first grandchild is born. You are now a grandma. Gone are the days of “just” being so-and-so’s daughter, sister, wife, and mom. You have a new title and outlook on life that may have seemed daunting before but now feels like your life’s calling!


It’s a big and scary world out there, and while you may wish you could transport your grandbaby back to a simpler time, you sadly cannot and may find yourself worrying about how this new life will fare. Don’t let it stress you out too much, grandma. Yes, the baby will grow up, and yes, there will be challenges along the way, but with a family like yours (and a grandma like you!), there is no way this child will not feel confident or supported on their journey.


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This piggybacks off of worry but is still worth noting, as your mama (err, nana?) bear instincts will kick in, and you will want to protect your grandbaby at all times. As a grandma, you are one of the most critical people in the baby’s life, which means you will be a guide, example, and shoulder to cry on for years to come.


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This may not come immediately, but in the coming months and years, you may feel younger and more playful (so much so that you may find yourself jumping on the trampoline or going down slides at the park). Welcome to your Youth 2.0, one of the MANY perks of being a grandparent who wants to keep up with their grands.


You have been the mother and have more experience and insight than your child has, but promise me something: You will let the new parents figure out things as they go (unless they ask for your input or help, of course). You are wise and have so much to offer, but it is essential to let your adult child and their partner parent their new baby as they see fit and to learn some things as they go. 


Your life dramatically changed overnight, and countless emotions are tied up with such a massive shift. In addition to feeling overwhelming love and gratitude, you may feel the aforementioned worry and other negative-leaning feelings (i.e., a little sadness in how quickly the time has gone and even fear of the unknown). Don’t feel too bad: This is normal and should subside as you adjust to this new role. 


You want to give this child the world AND all the toys, candy, and fun things, which will have your head spinning. Don’t think you have to live beyond your means to spoil your grandbaby – your love, hugs, time, and attention are the most important thing you can give them! 


While being a new parent is a beautiful time, it is also exhausting and stressful. Lucky for you, you have the fun job of spoiling and can sit back, relax, and enjoy without having to lose sleep or cluster feed. 


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Joy. Elation, Ecstasy. Whatever you want to call it, it is the best feeling in the world, and you have earned it!

As I said in the beginning, describing what it feels like to become a grandma is nearly impossible, but I hope these little blurbs give you a glimpse into this memorable time! I hope the experience is as happy and memorable as it should be and that you enjoy the coming days, months, and years. 

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