21 Gifts to Transform Your Grandchild’s Bedroom Into a Space Adventure

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Space-themed gifts are perfect if your grandchildren are interested in outer space and space exploration. These gifts can foster a stunning bedroom transformation, educate them about space, and encourage their imagination to run wild.

Check out these awesome space-themed gifts on Amazon, from blankets to puzzles to posters.

Disclaimer: if you purchase any of these products, I will receive a small commission from Amazon. It helps support the site so thank you!

Spaced-Themed Gifts for Different Age Groups

We broke these space-themed gifts into different age groups to make shopping easier!

Ages 3-5

These simple and colorful gifts are perfect for toddlers.

Moon Lamp Night Light

This moon lamp night light is an adorable and ethereal way to make toddlers feel safe and sound at night. This whimsical moon lamp offers the perfect amount of light, and your grandchildren will love it for years to come.

Planet Pillowcases

These adorable little pillowcases can turn spherical pillows into planets! These soft pillow covers can be filled with plush stuffing to turn your grandchild’s bed into a solar system!

Galaxy Space Comforter Set

Another way to turn their bed into the solar system is to gift this playful and colorful galaxy bedding set. With stars, planets, comets, and everything in between, this comforter and the pillow shams will turn their bedroom into a space adventure!

Chunky Toddler Puzzle

If you want to give your grandchild something with educational value, this chunky toddler puzzle is fantastic. It‘s simple enough to complete but can help them understand shapes and space! The adorable planets and stars have faces to make the puzzle even more fun for them.

Galaxy Area Rug

This galaxy rug is a brilliant addition to a toddler’s bedroom. They can play on the space rug and feel like they’re an astronaut floating around the stars! It goes perfectly with any space-themed toys they already have and will fuel their imagination.

Ages 6-8

Kids between six and eight will love these puzzles and space toys.

Space Knowledge Encyclopedia For Children

This encyclopedia collection includes six incredible books about space. It’s the perfect balance between educational and easy-to-understand, so your grandchildren can learn about the solar system without feeling confused or overwhelmed.

Wooden Solar System Floor Puzzle

This wooden floor puzzle is the perfect level of difficulty for little kids. It’s a round puzzle with large pieces featuring astronauts, planets, comets, stars, and more that will wow them while they try to figure out how everything fits together.

Little Experimenter Telescope for Kids 

Children as young as six aren’t ready for a real telescope, but they can pretend to gaze at the stars and planets with this cute kid telescope. It comes with 24 built-in images they can look at through the lens.

Litanika 3D Galaxy Comforter

If you want to gift them some bedding, this colorful and magical galaxy comforter is ideal because it’s plush, soft, and captures the majesty of outer space. It also comes with pillow shams so they can complete their spaced-themed bed.

Space Shuttle Toys

For little kids who want to play out a space adventure, get them this fun set of spaced-themed toys. It comes with an astronaut, a space rover, a shuttle, a satellite, and more. They are the perfect pieces for children ages six to eight because they’re simple but still engaging and detailed enough.

Ages 9-12

For slightly older kids approaching or in double digits, these diverse gifts are excellent.

One Fire Solar System Projector Night Light

This funky and bright night projector takes night lights to the next level. It changes colors and can project stars and planets on the ceiling, creating an immersive outer-space experience right in their bedroom!

SOCHOW Glow in The Dark Throw Blanket

Kids can snuggle up with this super fuzzy glow-in-the-dark blanket and wrap themselves in stars. It can be a comfy addition to their bedroom, or they can take it back and forth to sleepovers or when they visit you!

Solar System Planetarium

This simple solar system planetarium is easy to put together and will be fun for almost-tweens to play with. It’s a fun project that can help them learn about the planets but also makes for a cute decoration when it’s completed!

Astronomy Activity Book for Kids

For kids who are passionate about stargazing and exploring the universe, this activity book is a thoughtful and fun gift. The book includes mazes, riddles, and quizzes that will engage them and help them learn about outer space.

The Constellations Glow-in-the-Dark Star Map

This constellation star map is the perfect balance of educational and beautiful. It’s a lovely decoration for their bedroom but can also help them learn about the constellations, even when they’re just laying in bed at night.

Ages 13-15

Lastly, below are some top-notch gifts for teen space enthusiasts.

Piece of Space Certificate and Meteorite

Gift your space-loving grandkid an actual piece of space! This tiny piece of a meteorite, which is about the size of a marble, comes with a certificate of authenticity and will blow your teen grandchild’s mind.

Kinetic Asteroid Art

This little gadget is fun to fiddle with, making it perfect for teens who like to keep their hands busy. It’s a cute decoration but also can help them understand elements of physics and give them something to focus on when they’re fidgeting.

Vintage Space Posters

Your grandkid can decorate their room with these classy and stylish vintage space posters that depict an array of space images, like astronauts floating around, planets spinning, space shuttles launching, and even aliens hanging out!

Solar System Space Print Poster

This extra-large solar system poster is educational and beautiful. This poster could be the beginning of a space-themed bedroom transformation and will help them learn the order of the planets.

Monocular Outdoor Telescope

If you want to spoil your teen grandkid, get them this handheld telescope so they can take their space exploration to the next level. It’s easy to use and affordable compared to full-sized telescopes.

1,000 Facts About Space

And for teen space lovers who are sponges when it comes to soaking up astronomy knowledge, get them this book with 1,000 fascinating and important facts about outer space and space exploration!

Your grandkids will love these gifts from Amazon, whether they transform their bedroom, help them learn more, or spark their creativity!

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