Grandchildren With The Belly Laughs Will Have You Smiling From Ear-To-Ear

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If laughter is the best medicine, then these giggling babies have it all figured out! Is there anything more precious than a little one having a laughing fit? They don’t know much about what’s going on around them in the world at this point, but they sure know what’s funny!

In the video at the bottom of the page, we have a compilation of laughing babies submitted by users to ellentube. And it’s a nice pick-me-up no matter what kind of day you’re currently having or what type of mood you’re in! Prepare to smile from ear-to-ear! 🙂

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There’s just something about those laughs that come deep from within. They’re so pure and so genuine! Belly laughs like these are good for the soul as they seem to clear out any and all negativity on their way out!

You don’t even have to know what the children are laughing about for the giggling to affect you—it’s contagious. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than the sights and sounds of my grandchildren loving life and just laughing away!

Try this: If you have a grandkid next to you at the moment, play this video beside them and see if it makes them react. I’m convinced laughing babies make the world a better place. At the very least, they make all the difference for me! 🙂

Have your day made with the adorable video below!

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