The Grandmapreneur – How to Start a Small Business with Your Grandkids

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You have worked hard your entire life and have raised your family (and did so well, if I do say so myself), so now it is time to sit back and do nothing… Or is it? Obviously, you will spend as much time as possible with those Godsend grands, but have you ever thought about starting your own business with them?

While the thought of starting a new business and everything it entails may seem daunting, it really isn’t and can make for an excellent bonding experience with your grandkids while teaching them the importance of hard work. Do you feel called to be a Grandmapreneur? Here’s all you need to know:

The benefits of starting a business with your grandkids

Grandma taking notes at a desk with a piggy bank
  1. Making Memories: By starting a business with your grandchild(ren), you’re not just selling goods or services but creating priceless memories! When you begin a business together, you are investing time, effort, and love into something that both of you will look back on with fondness in years to come.
  2. Learning from Each Other: You’ve got years of wisdom and life experience to share, but you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn from your grandkids. Think of it this way: They can keep you up to date with the latest trends, tech, and lingo while you can teach them the art of perseverance and patience.
  3. Instilling Values: What better way to impart the importance of hard work, responsibility, and independence than by starting your own business? Plus, you’ll be teaching them some business basics, like budgeting, customer service, and problem-solving.
  4. Stronger Bonds: There’s nothing like a shared goal to bring people closer together, as this will give you both the chance to know your grandkids even better while strengthening your bond.
  5. Extra Pocket Money: Let’s not forget that business could mean a nice little income boost, whether it goes into a college fund, is used to treat yourselves, or is saved for a rainy day!
  6. Keeping Active: Running a business can keep both your mind and body active, whether it’s gardening for your farmer’s market stall, crafting for your boutique, or navigating the web for your online store.
  7. Legacy Building: Becoming a grandmapreneur is your chance to leave a tangible legacy. Long after you’ve hung up your apron or closed the store for the day, your grandkids will remember the business they built with their grandparent. Remember, it’s not just about the here and now but creating something that endures.

Business ideas

Sewing and knitting

You and your grandchild will obviously come up with the best idea, but here are a few of mine to get you started:

  1. “Sweet Generations Bakery”: Whose cookies would you rather have, yours or anyone else’s? Of course, it’s Granny’s cookies! Consider establishing your own bakery, where your secret family recipes are mixed with new ideas from your grands. Making, baking, and even tasting – can you imagine a more enjoyable way to mix generations? (I can’t either!)
  2. “Gen-to-Gen Craft Boutique”: Is there anything more enjoyable than crafting with your grands? Yes: Crafting with your grands and making a few extra bucks from it. It’s not just knitting, it’s not just sewing; it’s creating something unique together and sharing it with the world!
  3. “Time-Traveling Treasures Thrift Store”: Remember that old box in the attic? You know, the one with stuff everyone called junk? Well, that ‘junk’ could become today’s vintage treasure! Combine your wisdom of the past with your grandkids’ online selling know-how, and you could be onto a goldmine! (Bonus? Everyone who called it junk will be gnawing on a huge slice of humble pie :P)
  4. “Storybook Creations Publishing”: You’ve been telling stories for years, and they’ve been listening, spellbound. Why not write those stories down, add a dash of your grandkids’ unfiltered imagination, and create children’s books? You could have the next generation of youngsters clamoring for more!
  5. “Homestead Harvest Farmers Market Stall”: How about using that green thumb to create something wonderful? Start a family garden and share the fruits (and veggies) of your labor at local farmers’ markets! Besides, who doesn’t love spending a Saturday morning at the farmers’ market?
  6. “Grandma’s Game Galaxy”: Video games have changed since the days of ‘Pong,’ haven’t they? Here’s a thought: make a YouTube channel or blog where you and the grandkids play and review video games across generations!
  7. “From Scratch” Cooking School”: You’ve spent years perfecting family recipes, so how about teaching those recipes to the grandkids and others? You, an apron, and a classroom full of eager faces – could anything be more satisfying?
  8. “The Cozy Corner Tea Room”: Imagine creating a snug nook where people can sip from your eclectic collection of teas while they enjoy treats baked by your grandkids. Opening a tea room is obviously a bit more ambitious, but how fun would that be?
  9. “Generational Guided Tours”: You’ve seen this town change over the years, so why not share your stories and wisdom with locals and tourists alike? With your grandkids by your side, every tour becomes a fascinating journey through time.
  10. “Buddy-Up Tutoring Service”: Your wisdom and their current education could be a match made in heaven. You help with reading, history, and spelling while they help peers with tech, science, and foreign languages.

How to start a business

Kid stacking coins
  1. Find Your Passion: We already discussed this, but it is important to find something that lights you up and gets your hearts fluttering. (You don’t want to be stuck doing something you all dread.)
  2. Business Plan: It’s just a fancy term for how you’ll make your business work. To make one, think about what you’ll sell, who you’ll sell it to, and how much it’ll cost. Also, consider how you’ll get the word out. Don’t worry; you and your grandkids can do this together.
  3. Name That Business: Choose a name that tells people what you’re about. It could be as simple as “Grandma’s Cookies,” or as whimsical as “The Time Traveling Thrift Shop”. Ask your grandkids what they think, as they can often come up with ideas that are pure magic!
  4. Paperwork: I know, I know – it’s the less exciting part, but it’s necessary to get your business officially recognized. Depending on where you live, you might need to register your business name, get a tax ID, or obtain licenses or permits.
  5. Start-up Costs: How much will it cost to get started? Will you need supplies, equipment, or a website? Write it all down and remember the goal here isn’t to spend a fortune but to understand what you need and plan for it.
  6. Set the Stage: Whether it’s setting up an online store, preparing your kitchen for a baking business, or creating a craft corner in your living room, get your business space ready.
  7. Tell the World: Now that you’re ready to start, you need to spread the word. This is your grandkids’ opportunity to shine with their social media skills, a la Facebook, Instagram, a blog, or even a TikTok dance!
  8. Open for Business: This is it! You’ve done all the prep work, and now it’s time to open your doors, whether they’re actual or virtual. Enjoy this moment, you’ve earned it!


What are you waiting for? Dust off that entrepreneurial spirit and dive into this adventure with your grandkids. Remember, it’s not just about the destination but the journey – and who better to share it with than those precious little ones who call you Grandma?

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