Create a Magical Miniature Fairy Garden for a Whimsical Adventure With Your Grandchild

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Any time you spend with your grandchild is magical, but I have found a way to make it even more so: working together to create a unique, one-of-a-kind fairy garden! If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a fairy garden is a small, magical, and enchanting world of sorts, complete with whimsical elements and tiny fairy figurines. 

Making a fairy garden with your grandchild is not only a fun and creative activity but also a fantastic way to bond and create lasting memories (plus, you get a pretty fun keepsake to commemorate the day). Here is everything you need to know about making fairy gardens with your grands.

Supplies needed to make a fairy garden 

Fairy garden in a bucket
  • Container or designated area in the garden
  • Potting soil or garden soil
  • Small plants or moss
  • Pebbles or small rocks
  • Miniature fairy figurines
  • Fairy garden accessories (tiny houses, bridges, benches, etc.)
  • Natural elements (twigs, pine cones, acorns, etc.)
  • Small gardening tools (trowel, gloves, watering can, etc.)

Note: I have found almost everything we need at Dollar Tree. They even have their own line of darling figurines to place around the garden!

How to make a fairy garden 

Garden gnomes and decorations

1. Choose a location

The first step in creating your fairy garden is deciding where to place it. You can use a container such as a pot, planter, or old wheelbarrow or designate a small area in your garden. Ensure the location receives appropriate sunlight for the plants you’ll be using.

2. Prepare the container or area

Fill the container with potting soil or prepare the designated area in your garden by loosening the soil and removing any weeds or debris.

3. Select and plant small plants

Choose small, slow-growing plants or moss to create a lush, green landscape for your fairy garden. Consider the size of your container or designated area and the sun requirements of your chosen plants. Plant them in the soil, ensuring proper spacing and depth.

4. Create pathways and define spaces

Using pebbles or small rocks, create meandering pathways that connect different areas of your fairy garden. This will give the illusion of a tiny, bustling fairy village.

5. Add fairy figurines

Place miniature fairy figurines in the garden, sitting on benches, standing by the pathways, or engaging in various activities. Encourage your grandchild to use their imagination when arranging the fairies.

6. Add fairy garden accessories

Introduce small, whimsical accessories such as tiny houses, bridges, benches, and other items to create a more magical and inviting environment. These are found at craft stores, garden centers, or online retailers.

7. Incorporate natural elements

Use twigs, pine cones, acorns, and other natural elements to add texture and interest to your fairy garden. These items can also be used to construct additional features, such as fences or arbors.

8. Maintain the garden

Teach your grandchild the importance of caring for their fairy garden by regularly watering the plants, removing weeds, and keeping the area clean. This will ensure the garden remains a magical and thriving space for your grand and the fairies to enjoy.

Fairy garden kits

Do you want to bypass walking around, gathering supplies at the store, and skip to the fun part? (If so, you are my kind of grandma, he he.) There are pre-assembled kits just for that! 

My Fairy Garden Light Garden – Grow Your Own Garden and Play

If you are working with your younger granddaughter, this is the perfect fairy garden kit! In addition to its fun colors and accessories, the My Fairy Garden Light Garden also lights up and plays music. 

Bloonsy Unicorn Fairy Garden Kit for Kids 

Not only does this kit come with a vast array of things to use to decorate, but you can also paint the figurines!

Creative Kids Miracle GRO Dinosaur Garden Kit

This isn’t a fairy garden per se, but if you are crafting with your grandson, he may be more interested in dinos than fairies and unicorns. 

Aren’t fairy gardens so fun? I feel like I say (and think) it a lot, but this is another concept I wish was around when I was little – don’t you? At least we can share it with our grandkids. Enjoy! 

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