20 DIY Craft Kits for Grandchildren Who Love Getting Hands-On

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Nowadays, it seems like I’m always competing for my grandchildren’s attention.

As screens become an increasingly common part of a child’s life, it can be challenging to find the time (and the attention span!) to spend some quality time with the kids.

Thankfully, the following DIY craft kits have offered excellent opportunities to do just that. DIY kits allow me to make something with my grandchildren, teaching them fine motor skills, complex thinking, independence, and hands-on activities.

Consider opting for one of these craft kits (sorted by age groups) to spend more quality time with your grandchildren.

Ages 3-5

While finding the fitting DIY kit for the little ones can be tricky, I’ve narrowed it down to several unique products. The following time-tested products have allowed me to play with my grandkids—without the screen.

Coastline Craft Dinosaur Painting Kit

The activity kit has full-sized dinosaurs that are easy to paint—including two T Rex dinosaurs, so no one fights over the best one! 

The absence of small pieces makes this the perfect gift for any child—and the dinosaurs make for excellent DIY play once they’re done! 

Paper Plate Art Kit

Your young ones will love this paper plate art kit. It’s an excellent way to inspire creativity and engage your grandkids to play with you.

It comes with 12 animal pattern cards, 12 colored paper trays, and 144 double-sided foam adhesives—all at an affordable price. 

Paint Your Own Stepping Stones Kit

It can be hard to find DIY kits that don’t include hazardous small pieces.

This kit is perfect for just that situation! You can create garden stones from 15 different patterns, including ladybugs, flowers, and rainbows.

The kit comes with ten safe acrylic paints that are machine washable.

Build and Paint Wooden Cars

Make and paint your wooden toy cars with this set. The solid pine wood pieces make them durable and reliable, and it’s big enough that your little ones can paint freely without attention to detail. 

DIY Wind Chime Kit

This wind chime kit allows you to create three chimes with wooden pots, chime rods, and boards. It also has everything you need to paint and hang your dings outside your home.

It’s a perfect gift for building fine motor skills and aiding with child development. 

Ages 6-8 

Kids from 6-8 need tons of practice with fine motor skills and taking artistic risks. At this age, they’re more creative than ever! Consider the following products to use with your little ones.

Creative Kids DIY Bouncy Balls

My grandchildren adored this kit. All you need to do is pour the substrate into a mold, create your bouncy balls, and paint them together. It’s perfect for the whole family.

7 July Decorate Your Water Bottle

I can’t get my grandkids to drink enough water, so I bought them this DIY kit—problem solved. This kit allows you to decorate your water bottle to your heart’s desire with hundreds of stickers, glitter, and more.

Paint Your Own Moon Lamp Kit

I just found out I needed a moon lamp. Create your nightlight with this superb kit. The result is a beautiful lamp that fits any home’s decor—it’s a win-win.

Dinosaur Soap Lab

Who knew you could make dinosaurs out of soap? I certainly didn’t. But this soap kit walks you through the process, allowing you to paint your dinosaurs when you’re done. 

Fashion Design Kit

For all your budding fashion designers, this kit is the perfect gift. It comes with four wooden mannequins and tons of fabric, so your favorite fashionista can get started on a long career.

Ages 9-12 

When kids are 9-12, they want opportunities to play like adults. These DIY kits offer the perfect combination of complexity and accessibility—perfect for your pre-teens! 

Rolife Miniature DIY Dollhouse

These miniature dollhouses are indeed a work of art, and they’ll incentivize any pre-teen to keep playing with their dolls.

Choose one of the dozens of designs to start and furnish your tiny home with tiny accessories.

Klever Kits Baseball Cap

I always remind my grandchildren to wear sunscreen or put a hat on when they go outside. But not anymore. This baseball cap kit is the perfect gift for any chronically sunburned equipment—and the end product is one they’ll keep forever.

Earth’s Code Science Kit

Stem kits are among my grandchildren’s favorites. 

With this kit, you can make slime, a volcano, and more! It comes with everything you need to run more than six experiments.

DIY Kaleidoscope Kit

Kids are still fascinated by bright colors and glitter at this age, so this kaleidoscope is the perfect present for any 9-12 year old.

Crystal Growing Kit

When my kids were children, we had a crystal growing kit too! This timeless source of fun is the perfect thing to do with your grandkids—odds are, you’ll have already done one before!

Ages 13-15 

While capturing a teenager’s attention can be challenging, the following DIY kits offer opportunities to do just that.

These kits foster independence and skill development for teenagers. 

Friendship Bracelet Kit

Teen girls aren’t too cool for friendship bracelets, and yours will love this kit as much as mine did. Plus, making bracelets for the family is an excellent skill for us older folks to practice.

DIY Wall Collage Kit

It’s no secret: teens love to decorate their rooms. Join the fun with this DIY wall collage kit. It comes with hundreds of stickers and posters so your teen can create a space that fits their budding personality.

Jewelry Kit With Video Course

This sophisticated jewelry kit teaches your teen how to make jewelry from metal and beads. It comes with a free video course, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll discover a passion for creating jewelry—with your favorite kids.

Beginner’s Wood Burning Kit

Wood burning is an art. I had no idea just how beautiful the final product could be! This kit has over 40 pieces, including woodburning tools and tips, stencils, and more. 

4-in-1 Stem Kit

It’s never too late to encourage those valuable stem skills in your teens. This four-in-one stem kit allows you to create fully functioning cars and windmills, the perfect way to teach energy conversion! 

DIY kits are the best way to engage with your grandkids—take it from me.

I love every kit on this list, and I bet you will too. You’ll have so much fun you might even forget these kits are for your grandkids!

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