8 Life Lessons Grandmas Can Teach Through Autumn Changes

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Nature is easily one of our greatest teachers. It teaches us to see the beauty in the everyday, to take a long walk and a deep breath when we are feeling stressed, and that things change – but that is okay! My grandkids and I love being outside as much as possible, especially during these cooler fall months. (Have I ever mentioned just how much I love fall? Hehe.)

This got me thinking: What do these autumn months teach us and our grandkids? After much pondering, I came up with these 8 essential life lessons that we can teach our grandbabies during these autumn changes: 

1. Change is beautiful

I know I mentioned this in the intro, but it deserves to be repeated, as every falling leaf reminds us that change isn’t something to fear. Like each leaf turning a different hue, every chapter in our life adds a unique color to our story. Isn’t it fabulous?!

2. Every phase has its grace

Much like the beauty in change, every stage and phase has its own graces. Remember the trees that were full of green? Now, they’re a riot of colors. Teach your grands that each stage in life, from childhood giggles to wise wrinkles, has its own charm and that there is nothing to be afraid of.

3. Preparation makes perfect

Watching the world prepare for winter, be it the squirrels or the evergreens, is a gentle reminder of life’s mantra: Always be prepared for what’s next. Sure, there will always be surprises, but that is part of what makes life worth living!

4. Releasing makes room for renewal

Just as trees shed old leaves, making room for the new, we, too, must learn to let go. Making space often brings fresh blessings, whether old toys, past hurts, or worn-out shoes. Don’t hold on to the past – you don’t live there anymore.

5. Differences make everything a little more vibrant

Every leaf, though different, adds to the autumn spectacle. (Can you imagine the fall being only one color? That isn’t nearly as lovely as the vibrant, multi-colored hues we anticipate each year!) It’s nature’s way of saying every person, voice, and laugh adds to the world’s beauty.

6. Golden moments await

Like the trees that turn golden, life promises golden moments. Through every challenge or rainy day, sunny days aren’t far behind, which I pray our grandkids can see and find solace in.

7. Don’t only count leaves – count blessings!

Every harvest or Thanksgiving table teaches us the power of gratitude – and how fitting these happen during the stunning fall months? Remember, life is about treasuring the big joys and the tiny moments.

8. Simplicity speaks volumes

The serene beauty of a bare tree or a solitary fallen leaf is unmatched… While I am always sad to see the trees shed their golden leaves, there is still something enchanting about the end of the season, too. It’s almost like nature telling us that sometimes, less is truly more.


The next time you’re out chasing leaves or picking apples with your grandbabies, let the autumn whispers fill their hearts with these lessons. The season’s magic is all around, waiting to be shared and cherished. Enjoy!

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