These 35 Fall Traditions Are Ones That You Will Want To Begin With Your Grandkids This Year

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It’s officially fall, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a massive fan of the cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and football on TV. Do you want to know another reason I love fall? It’s because it is the perfect season to make even more special memories with your grandkids!

Since I am a stickler for traditions, I figured the fall is as good a time as ever to create new ones, including:

1. Leaf collecting: Collect and press colorful fall leaves to create a scrapbook that you can enjoy year-round.
2. Pumpkin picking: Visit a local pumpkin patch and choose the perfect pumpkins to carve and/or use to decorate your porch.
3. Autumn baking day: Make pumpkin pie, apple cider donuts, or pecan tarts together… Yum!
4. Corn maze adventures: Navigate through a local corn maze. While things can get tricky, you can always count on lots of laughs.
5. Scarecrow crafting: Create a scarecrow for the garden using old clothes, a la plaid shirts, jeans, and hats.
6. Apple picking: Spend a day at an orchard, followed by homemade apple pie. Is there a more picturesque way to spend a fall day?
7. Caramel apple making: What do you do with all those tasty apples? I recommend dipping them in caramel and adding assorted toppings.
8. Fall scavenger hunt: Create a list of autumn items for them to find (think of certain colored leaves, a pine cone, etc.).
9. Halloween costume crafting: Why spend an absorbent amount of money on a new costume when you can design and create homemade costumes? Trust me: The memories that come with it are priceless!
10. Bonfire nights: Gather for storytelling and marshmallow roasting when you and the grands enjoy a bonfire night at dusk.
11. Hayride excursions: Experience the beauty of fall on a hay-filled wagon! You can check out your local farms for a list of times and availability.
12. Fall candle making: Create candles with autumnal scents like cinnamon or apple. (Christmas is coming – you can even set aside a few to give as gifts!)
13. Acorn and pinecone crafts: Turn nature’s treasures into art with paints, glitter, and other mediums.
14. Haunted house visits: Okay, I am not a fan of haunted houses, but if you are, you will want to partake in this spooky time of year.
15. Thanksgiving recipe pass-down: Teach them a family favorite recipe, whether pies or your special stuffing recipe.
16. Halloween movie marathons: Watch classic spooky films together. (Hocus Pocus is a very cute one that I used to watch with my kids!)
17. Football game days: Attend a local game or host a family watch party.
18. Fall gardening: Plant bulbs for the spring and learn about the lifecycle of plants.
19. Nature walks: Explore local trails, observing the changing leaves and wildlife.
20. Blanket fort evenings: Build a fort and read autumn-themed books together. Can you imagine anything better?
21. Thankful tree: Create a tree where everyone adds what they’re thankful for!
22. Fall craft days: From wreaths to knitting, introduce them to autumn crafts that you can use to decorate your home year after year.
23. Homemade soup Sundays: Cook a variety of fall-inspired soups together for an equally tasty and comforting tradition. 
24. Visit a historical site: Did you know many local historic sites have fall-themed events or ghost tours? Check to see if yours does, too!
25. Pie taste testing: Buy or bake different pies and rate your favorites. Another option? Do a blind taste test where you take turns guessing each flavor.
26. Pumpkin carving: This may seem obvious, but it should be mandatory to have a day dedicated to carving or painting pumpkins. Don’t you agree?
27. Homemade fall beverages: Craft drinks like hot chocolate or spiced cider for a warm and comforting fall treat.
28. DIY bird feeders: Make feeders for your feathery friends as food becomes scarcer. These can be as simple (birdseed on a hanging pine cone) or as elaborate as you like. 
29. Sunset watching: Observe how earlier sunsets change the evening’s colors. Isn’t it glorious? 
30. Craft festivals: Attend local craft fairs to explore and buy handmade items. If you aren’t sure where to find one, watch local churches and Facebook events.
31. Memory sharing: Share stories from your past autumns over a bonfire.
32. Outdoor picnics: Pack seasonal treats and enjoy a chilly afternoon at the park. (Trust me: Fall picnics are much more pleasant than ones in the sweltering heat!)
33. Thanksgiving parade watching: Make it a tradition to watch together, followed by brunch or Thanksgiving dinner.
34. Farmers’ market visits: Explore local goods and buy fresh seasonal produce when you take in one of these charming markets.
35. DIY fall photo shoot: Capture the essence of fall with a themed photo session in front of beautiful foliage, at a pumpkin patch, or any other fall background you may find.


Starting these traditions can make each fall season memorable, strengthening the bond between grandma and grandkids. What can be better than that? Happy fall from your friend, Devoted Grandma.

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