9 Outdoor Adventures Grandma and Grandchild Should Embark on This Fall

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Is it just me, or does it feel like autumn is flying by? Sure, it only began a month ago, but I already see many trees without leaves and know it will feel entirely over after Halloween. Why must such a beautiful time of year be one of the most fleeting?

Please don’t despair, my fellow Devoted Grandmas! There is still time to make the most of this time of year with your grandkids, especially when you do one (or all 9) of these outdoor adventures:

1. Fall foliage nature walk

This one may seem obvious, but it is also the most important (if I say so myself)! Grab a pair of comfy shoes and a camera, then head to your local park or trail, where you and your grands can collect leaves and create a scrapbook capturing the myriad of fall colors!

2. Corn maze challenge

Did you do the corn maze last year? Good news: It changes every year, so it will be a brand new path to navigate! Set out with your grandkids and see who can find their way out first. If you wish to make it even more interesting, set up checkpoints with little questions or riddles related to fall for an adventure, a game, and a learning experience rolled into one!

3. Pumpkin picking and decorating

Is anything more iconic in the fall than picking pumpkins and carving or painting your finds? I didn’t think so! Whether it’s a spooky face, a whimsical pattern, or abstract art, it’s all about the fun and creativity. Plus, it’s a delightful outdoor decor for the season!

4. Stories by the lake

Stories by the fire are lovely, but they are even more enjoyable outside when the weather is still warm. Pack a picnic, take along your favorite fall-themed books (or tales from your past), and have a cozy reading session. Throw in some apple cider, and you have the perfect fall afternoon.

5. Outdoor painting session

Move over, Van Gogh: These Devoted Grandmas and their grands are ready to try their hands at painting landscapes! Grab your art supplies and head outdoors while the colors are still vibrant. Whether it’s a majestic tree or a serene lakeside scene, paint away! (And if the artwork turns out more abstract than realistic, don’t worry – that’s where the real giggles are.)

6. Backyard camping

You don’t have to head to the woods for a campout – Your backyard is perfect! Set up a campfire, bring out the marshmallows, and let the ghost stories begin. If the stories get too spooky, don’t fret, as home is just a few steps away! 😛

7. Travel to historic towns

Fall is a great time to explore the history around you, so make a point to check out a nearby historical site or town! Many places offer special fall events or ghost tours that are both educational and fun, giving you and your grand(s) a chance to step back in time and learn something new together.

8. Bird-watching and journaling

Fall is a fantastic time for bird watching as many birds migrate. Arm yourselves with a bird guide, a journal, and binoculars, and then document the birds you see and/or jot down stories or imaginations about where they might be headed.

9. Farmers’ market

Visiting a farmers’ market may seem like a summer activity, but they are just as fun during the fall. Make a day of it with your grandkids by exploring the stalls, enjoying the seasonal produce, and maybe even attending a workshop or two. Farmers’ markets are a sensory delight, from the colors and textures to the fragrances and tastes of fall.


I hope these simple activities and outings make for a fun and memorable fall for you and your grands. Just remember, no matter what you do, you are making incredible memories that the two of you can treasure forever.

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