Lead Your Grandkids In Crafting a Fall Scrapbook

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Have you ever scrapbooked? When my kids were little, I LOVED to scrapbook and kept Creative Memories albums full of their lives, vacations, and family yearbooks. Sadly, like many things, scrapbooking has become a lost art, replaced with online albums on social media.

Let’s bring back tangible scrap/memory books, shall we? To do this, we will teach our grands the joy and art of scrapbooking, beginning with a fall-themed one that showcases all they see and do during this most colorful season:


  • Scrapbook or photo album
  • Colored and patterned paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Fall leaves
  • Fall-themed stickers and stamps
  • Photographs
  • Markers and pens
  • Embellishments
  • Plastic sleeves or wax paper

1. Plan ahead

Discuss with your grandchild what they envision for their scrapbook. Do they have a theme in mind or particular memories they want to capture? Planning can make the process smoother.

2. Collecting memories

Before starting, spend a day together collecting leaves, taking photographs, or gathering other fall-themed items. It’s not just about the crafting but the experiences that lead up to it.

3. Prepping the leaves

To preserve the leaves, place them between two sheets of wax paper and press them inside a heavy book for a few days to flatten them and reduce moisture.

4. Page design

Before gluing anything down, lay out your photos, leaves, and other items on the pages to get an idea of the design. (This way, you can move things around until you’re satisfied with the look.)

5. Captions and memories

This is where Grandma’s wisdom really shines! Encourage your grandchild to write down what they remember about each picture or item. You can even share your memories or stories related to that moment, which opens a dialogue that can be the heart and soul of the scrapbook.

6. Decorating

Use the markers, stickers, and stamps to decorate around the photos, and add your own embellishments for that extra touch of creativity.

7. Protection

If you’ve added items that might transfer color (like certain leaves), place a plastic sleeve or sheet of wax paper between the pages.

8. Final touches

On the first or last page, write a note together, marking the date and sharing a few words about the experience of creating the scrapbook.


The beauty of this activity is not just in crafting a keepsake but in the moments shared between grandma and grandchild. Every page turned becomes a doorway to stories, laughter, and the realization that memories, just like fall, are golden. 🙂

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