Creating A Memory Book With Your Grandchild To Honor The Passing Of A Loved One

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Death and grief are inevitable, but it is even more difficult for young and tender hearts to understand and process. While we can (and should) be there for them during this difficult time, I find that doing something creative together is a great way to work through some of these emotions and honor the loved one who has passed on. 

In the following paragraphs, I will share a fantastic project you can work on with your grandchildren: A memory book honoring the passing of someone your grandchild loved and cared for. 

What is a memory book?

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A memory book is a scrapbook containing photos, cards and letters, and other items that honor the person who has passed away. It can be beneficial to make with your grandchild, as it can also aid in the following:

  1. Grief expression: Your grandchild may not fully understand or know how to express their feelings of loss. Scrapbooking gives them a creative outlet to express these emotions.
  2. Memory preservation: A memory scrapbook preserves memories of the person who passed away, allowing the child to reflect on their happy times together.
  3. Continuity: This book is a tangible object that connects the child to the person who has passed away. It can be comforting to have something physical to remember them by.

How to make a memory book with your grandchild

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Here’s a simple guide on how a child can create a memory book:

Step 1: Collecting Materials

Gather all the materials you’ll need, which can include:

  • A scrapbook or photo album
  • Photos of the loved one
  • Memorabilia such as drawings, cards, or other mementos
  • Art supplies like stickers, colored paper, glue, markers, and glitter pens (you can find all of the above at your local dollar store)

Step 2: Brainstorming

Talk to your grandchild about the person who has passed away. Ask them what memories, stories, or feelings they remember, and discuss which of these they would like to include in the book.

Step 3: Organizing the memory book

Help your grandchild decide how they want to organize their memory book. You can recommend grouping things by different types of memories, chronologically, or even by color or theme.

Step 4: Creating the Pages

Begin to arrange photos, drawings, and other memorabilia on the pages of the memory book. This can be a good time to talk about the memories associated with each item, allowing your grandchild to express their feelings in a safe and supportive space.

Step 5: Writing Down Memories

Encourage your grandchild to write captions for the photos or drawings, describing the memory associated with each one. If your grandchild isn’t comfortable writing, they can dictate their memories to you to write down, or they can draw pictures to tell their story.

Step 6: Decorating

Decorate each page with stickers, drawings, or other embellishments. Doing this is a fun and creative way for them to add a personal touch to each memory.

Step 7: Reflecting

Once the scrapbook is finished, spend some time looking through it together as a special way to remember the loved one and celebrate their life.


Bstorify Scrapbook Album

Bstorify Scrapbook Album

You can use anything from a regular notebook to an elaborate scrapbook for your memory book – I just love the simplicity of this one (and how your grandchild can easily decorate the cover as they see fit).

Gotideal 80 Pages Scrapbook Album with 10 Metallic Markers

Gotideal 80 Pages Scrapbook Album with 10 Metallic Markers

If you are looking for an all-in-one scrapbooking kit, this comes highly rated and includes basically everything you need, minus pictures and other mementos.

SICOHOME Scrapbooking Supplies

SICOHOME Scrapbooking Supplies

In case you don’t already have an arsenal of scrapbooking supplies… (I love to scrapbook and have an assortment of tools that I have collected through the years!)


Creating a memory book can be a therapeutic experience for a child dealing with loss, as it provides a safe space to express feelings, remember the person who has passed away, and create something beautiful that honors their memory. I pray that this activity helps with all of the above (and helps you, too, should you need a creative way to express your grief).

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