15 Heartwarming, Feel-Good Movies To Watch With Your Grandchildren

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Is there anything better than cuddling up with your loved ones for a movie night? When it comes to bonding, there is nothing quite like coming together with a bowl of popcorn and sharing a heartwarming story, which is precisely what you will find via my list of 15 wholesome and heartwarming movies that you will want to share with your grandkids:

1. E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial movie

Phone home and prepare for an out-of-this-world adventure with E.T., the lovable alien stranded on Earth. This heartwarming tale of friendship and family will leave everyone reaching for the stars and a box of tissues. (Psst… I recommend snagging a box of Reeses Pieces to enjoy while you watch!)

2. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory movie

Welcome to a world of pure imagination! Join Charlie Bucket on a scrumptious journey through Willy Wonka’s magical chocolate factory. This delightful film will have you craving candy and humming to its catchy tunes. As an aside, I prefer the original with Gene Wilder over the Johnny Depp remake but watch whichever you prefer. 

3. The Sandlot

The Sandlot movie

I remember watching this family classic with my kids, so it is extra fun to get to share it with their kids! Relive the magic of summer and baseball with this nostalgic coming-of-age tale. The Sandlot is a home run for families, filled with laughter, adventure, and memories that will last a lifetime.

4. Shrek

Shrek movie

Step into the swamp and prepare for laughs with Shrek, the lovable ogre who’s not your typical fairy tale hero. This hilarious adventure is a modern classic that will have the whole family laughing out loud. (You may want to view this one before you share it with the grands because bathroom humor and innuendos are sprinkled throughout the movie.)

5. The Goonies

The Goonies movie

This is another one from my kids’ childhood – you may remember it, too! This iconic 80s adventure is packed with humor, heart, and a memorable cast of characters, making it perfect for a family movie night with your grandkids.

6. Jumanji

Jumanji movie

Welcome to the Jungle of Fun! Roll the dice and brace yourself for a wild ride with Jumanji, a thrilling adventure where the game comes to life. With a blend of action, comedy, and heart, Jumanji is a rollicking good time that I cannot recommend enough.

7. The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap movie

Meet the long-lost twins who concoct a plan to reunite their divorced parents in this charming and hilarious family film. The Parent Trap is a timeless classic that will have you seeing double and grinning from ear to ear. Are you wondering which one to watch (Hayley Mills or Lindsay Loan)? I say both! 

8. How to Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon movie

Most of my picks have been older films, so how about something more recent? Saddle up and take to the skies with Hiccup and Toothless in this exhilarating tale of friendship and self-discovery. The story of How to Train Your Dragon is sweet, the animation is vibrant, and the characters are lovable – what more can you want?

9. The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid movie

Let’s get back to the classics! Wax on, wax off with The Karate Kid, an inspiring story about determination, friendship, and the power of martial arts. This beloved classic will have the whole family cheering and practicing their crane kicks.

10. Moana

Moana movie

Embark on a thrilling voyage with Moana and the demigod Maui as they navigate the open ocean, meet mythical creatures, and save their island home. Moana will inspire grandma and grandkids alike to embrace their inner adventurer and find their own way.

11. Paddington

Paddington movie

Talk about a bear-y adorable adventure (hehe!). Get ready to fall in love with the charming and cuddly Paddington Bear. This heartwarming film is full of laughs, marmalade sandwiches, and life lessons about kindness and family.

12. The NeverEnding Story

The NeverEnding Story movie

Who else remembers this 80s classic? Thankfully, it aged well and is ready to be shared with a new generation. Dive into the pages of The NeverEnding Story, a magical and thrilling fantasy adventure that will transport you to the land of Fantasia. This timeless classic will ignite the imagination and keep even your youngest grandkids entertained.

13. Night at the Museum

Night at the Museum movie

Watch history come alive when you spend a Night at the Museum! Featuring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and the late Robin Williams, Night at the Museum is a hilarious and action-packed adventure that will have everyone giggling and learning something new.

14. Up

Up movie

Warning, this one may have you crying within the first 15 minutes, but it is worth it. Grab your balloons and prepare to soar with Carl and Russell in this uplifting tale of friendship, love, and adventure. Up is a heartfelt and visually stunning film that will have you and the grands reaching for the sky and your dreams.

15. The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride movie

You know I couldn’t have a list of the best movies to share with your grandkids without mentioning the one and only Princess Bride! The Princess Bride is a delightful fairy tale filled with romance, adventure, and humor. Prepare for sword fights, giants, and the most quotable lines ever—perfect for kids and adults alike.

There you have it: 15 heartwarming, feel-good movies that you will want to share with your grandkids! Do you have any other movies you would add to the list? Let me know – my inbox is always open. What are you waiting for: Grab some snacks and get to making special memories!

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