14 Keepsakes So Your Grandkids Will Always Remember You

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Grandkids are such a joy; watching them grow up and learn is positively enchanting. While you hope to be there to watch every step they take on their journey through life, it’s not guaranteed.

From the bad breakups to the victorious graduations to the babies and everything in between, it’s hard not to think about everything they’re going to accomplish. And you just want to be there to support them, and the thought of not being there is hard to swallow.

But with keepsake gifts, you can always be there for them! Below are 14 thoughtful and heartfelt personalized gifts and keepsake ideas to help you pick the ideal present for your grandbabies.

1. Christmas Ornament

If Christmas is a meaningful time of year for you and your grandchildren, the best keepsake you can give them is a Christmas ornament. It can be a custom ornament with a picture of you, it can have a sweet message engraved, or you can get a unique ornament that will be sentimental all on its own.

2. Wind Chimes

Wind chime with birds

Wind chimes are a lovely keepsake if you spend time outside with your grandchildren. A stunning set of wind chimes will remind your grandchildren of your time together every time a soft breeze blows through them. The sweet jingle of the chimes will make them feel loved and you’ll always be around.

3. Custom Blankets

What is more comforting and sentimental than a plush blanket? You can gift a custom blanket with a meaningful image or photograph on it. But you can also give your grandchildren a unique blanket that captures the beauty and spirit of your relationship. Or, you can print a sentimental message on the blanket that will inspire and comfort them.

4. Measuring Cups

Measuring cups

Measuring cups may not sound like a super sentimental gift, but they can be the perfect keepsake if you love to cook and bake. If you’re the grandma known for her cakes and cookies, personalized or unique measuring companies can remind your grandchildren of your passion every time they need to measure a cup of flour or a teaspoon of salt.

5. Jewelry or Trinket Box

Special jewelry or trinket boxes are a lovely gift for your grandchild. A jewelry box will remind your granddaughter of your style every time she puts on a pair of earrings, or you can gift your grandchild a trinket box for their coin collection! This classic type of keepsake is timeless.

6. Scrapbook

Scrapbook and accessories

A scrapbook is one of the best keepsake gifts because your grandchildren can return to it at any time and reminisce about some beautiful moments. You can fill the scrapbook with photos, messages, and small items like pressed flowers or movie tickets. You can also leave some free space at the end or throughout the book so they can add to the memories.

7. Unique Flower Vase

Receiving flowers is typically a very happy occurrence, and you can be part of it every time by giving your grandkids a unique and memorable flower vase. Whether they pick flowers outside or their partner brings them a fresh bouquet, they’ll have your stunning vase to put them in, making you a part of these small but special moments.

8. Throw Pillows

A beautiful set of throw pillows is a thoughtful way to help your grandkids remember you and stay comfy! This gift is especially perfect if you have many throw pillows in your home, as it’s like giving a piece of your home to your grandchildren. There are sunny and cheerful throw pillows like this one, but the styles and designs are endless.

9. Locket With Photo

Photo locket

Another classic keepsake gift is a locket necklace with a photo in it. While you can still buy classic lockets like this sunflower one that opens up to reveal a photo, there are also innovative options that print photographs inside small marbles that you can view when you hold it up to your eye!

10. Kitchen Canisters

Kitchen organization, believe it or not, is a hot social media trend right now. Things like kitchen canisters and drawer dividers are popular, but can also make wonderful keepsake gifts. A unique set of kitchen canisters for ingredients like flour, sugar, and cornstarch are a wonderful gift they can appreciate every day.

11. Framed Photograph

A framed photograph may seem like one of the more obvious keepsake gifts, but still a wonderful option. The key is to choose a distinct frame that will always make them think of you, no matter what picture is inside. But choose a photo of you together or a family photo that they’ll want forever.

12. Book With Inscription

Nana's Promise book with inscription

If your grandchildren are still very young, you can gift them a sentimental children’s book and add a thoughtful inscription on the inside of the front cover. This idea is perfect if your grandchildren love to read, and this sentimental book will become a permanent part of their library as they grow up and move around.

13. Charm Bracelet

If you have a granddaughter, a charm bracelet is one of the best personalized gifts you can give. Along with the bracelet, you can also give charms that represent your relationship. Some ideas are a rolling pin charm if you cook together, a starfish charm if you both love the ocean, or a flower charm if you enjoy gardening together.

14. Perpetual Calendar

Many people do not use perpetual calendars and instead buy a new paper calendar every year. Perpetual calendars are a brilliant product and an even better keepsake, as they will remind your grandchildren of you every day when they flip to a new date. You can give them an engraved perpetual calendar with a message to inspire them to be their best every day!

Final Thoughts

Every grandparent and grandchild relationship is different and special. Keepsake gifts are a lovely way to honor your relationship and love for one another.

Consider the pillars of your relationship and what activities and passions you share, whether it’s gardening, cooking, watching TV, singing, playing gourd games, or taking neighborhood strolls.

Choose a meaningful keepsake that will capture the beautiful spirit of what you and your grandchild have together. <3

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