9 Ways Grandma’s Wisdom Can Help Grandkids With School

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It’s that time of year again: It’s time for a new school year and all the beautiful possibilities that come with it! Are your grandkids excited or not so much? As a girl, I absolutely loved learning and being introduced to new literature and concepts, so I try to instill this excitement when/however I can! 

Do you also wish to make this year your grandchild’s best yet? It’s easy to do, thanks to the wisdom and life experience you already have, including: 

1. Lessons beyond the classroom

Who says that learning stops when the last bell rings? Au contraire, my fellow Devoted Grandma! In fact, the bulk of education – especially life lessons! – happens outside those classroom walls. You can be your grandchildren’s best teacher by modeling positive traits like honesty, perseverance, and kindness.

2. Kitchen chemistry

A homemade cookie is a homemade cookie is a homemade cookie… or is it? While your famous chocolate chip cookies bring familiarity and comfort to your family, they are also a teaching moment in science! What do you get when you mix flour, sugar, baking soda, and chocolate chips? Why, you get chemistry, of course! 

3. Travel tales and geography lessons

Remember that summer you backpacked through Europe or those stories handed down from generations about your ancestors’ homeland? Well, those aren’t just stories; they’re interactive geography and history lessons waiting to be shared. Let your grandkids tour the world through your memories. Who needs a textbook when they have Grandma’s adventures to spark their imagination?

4. Literature nights

Ah, the classics! Remember diving deep into the world of “Pride and Prejudice” or getting lost in the mystery of “Sherlock Holmes”? Introduce your grandkids to these treasures, but with a twist. Make it a movie night with adaptations of these classics. Discuss the differences and similarities, and watch them develop a keen analytical eye.

5. Managing emotions and building resilience

Life wasn’t always a bed of roses, was it? The ups and downs, the joys and sorrows – you’ve seen it all. Share these stories with your grandkids to help them understand that it’s okay to feel a range of emotions and, most importantly, that they can rise above challenges. Your life lessons can be their guide to navigating the complexities of emotions and building resilience.

6. Patience and persistence

Good things come to those who wait – even with things like math and science! Explain to your grands that no one is good at anything the first time and that it takes lots of patience and persistence to understand and/or master hard things. Keep sticking to it! (Remember, Michael Jordan didn’t dunk his first basketball, nor was J.K. Rowling’s story of a child wizard taken seriously for many years.)

7. Family heritage and personal history

Are those old photo albums collecting dust in the attic? They’re not just bygone days but rather a treasure trove of personal history and family heritage. Walk your grandkids through them, introducing them to relatives they never met and regaling them with tales of days gone by. It’s not just about the past; it’s about connecting them to their roots and giving them a sense of identity.

8. Budgeting basics

Back then, you might have managed the family’s finances, tracked expenses in a ledger, or even saved coupons for big shopping days. These practices are excellent tools to teach grandkids about budgeting and saving. Share stories of how you saved for special occasions or managed during tighter times. It’s never too early to learn about smart money habits.

9. Problem-solving with a bit of creativity

Remember the days when we’d craft not just for fun but also to fix things around the house or create a much-needed item? Perhaps it was knitting a scarf for winter or patching up an old quilt. These moments are perfect for showing kids how creativity can solve real-life problems. Plus, working with their hands can sharpen their minds!


Armed with your wealth of wisdom and these engaging activities, dear Grandma, you’re all set to enrich your grandkids’ lives in countless ways. While schools provide the foundation, it’s grandmas like you who add the colorful stories and details that truly make learning come alive. Here’s to another year of being the secret educational weapon in your grandchild’s life!

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