Grandma Vs. Google – Who Actually Gives Better Advice?

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Alright, my fellow Devoted Grandmas: It is time we address the elephant in the room.

Who has the better advice: Grandma or Google? 

It’s a debate as old as – well, Google – as these younger generations ask themselves whether they should trust the lived wisdom of their Granny or what strangers online think. Let’s put these two knowledge sources head-to-head and see who comes out on top.

(Spoiler: I might be a little biased, but given my age and lived experiences, I happen to think it is well deserved, hehe.)

1. Health Remedies

A jar of honey

When we’re under the weather, Grandma’s cupboard of remedies is always ready, whether it be chicken soup for a cold, a dab of honey for a sore throat, or a warm milk and honey mixture to induce a good night’s sleep.

Google, on the other hand, might suggest a visit to the doctor, an over-the-counter medicine, or even a fancy new gadget to help you catch those Z’s. (Whatever you do, do NOT WebMD it, as its prognosis is almost always fatal!) While modern medicine has its place, Grandma’s remedies have been curing minor ailments for generations – and usually with fewer side effects.

Point for Grandma!

2. Cooking Tips

Have you ever tried Googling a recipe? You’ll probably find a thousand variations, and everyone’s got their own unique twist.


There’s something about Grandma’s recipes that makes them taste just right. Maybe it’s the way we measure ingredients by hand or that secret ingredient – a hearty dollop of love. Sure, Google can offer you a plethora of options, but it’ll never recreate the magic of Grandma’s kitchen.

That’s another point for Grandma!

3. Life Lessons

"Wisdom" on a piece of paper in an old person's hands

Google might offer millions of articles about how to navigate life’s ups and downs, but does it really beat a heart-to-heart with Grandma?

No – the answer is a definite NO.

Grandma’s pearls of wisdom, gleaned from a lifetime of experience, just have a different flavor. Whether it’s about nurturing relationships, coping with heartbreak, or finding happiness in the little things, Grandma’s words often strike a chord deep within.

3 to nothing, Team Grandma.

4. DIY and Crafts

Google is the DIY-er’s paradise! From upcycling furniture to creating your own beauty products, it has it all.

But do these DIYs always work? Not quite.

However, Grandma’s DIY tricks, like using vinegar for cleaning or a dab of toothpaste to polish silver, are time-tested and proven. And when it comes to crafts, there’s no Pinterest project that can beat the memories made when knitting a scarf or baking cookies with Grandma.

I am beginning to feel embarrassed for Google…

5. Tech Troubles

Broken laptop

Okay, okay – I’ll give this one to Google.

When it comes to tech issues, whether it’s a frozen computer screen, syncing your contacts, or understanding a new app, Google’s probably got your back. Grandma’s life advice is invaluable, but navigating the digital age might not be her strong suit.

Point for Google!

6. Gardening Tips

While Google can offer you scientific explanations and step-by-step gardening guides, there’s something undeniably magical about learning to garden with Grandma.

Our tried and true tips on how to grow the juiciest tomatoes or keep those pesky pests away, all while explaining the cycle of life, are invaluable, if I do say so myself.

Another point for Grandma (but who’s counting?).

7. Storytelling

Quality time between Grandma and her grandson

Google might have access to millions of stories, but can it really compete with Grandma’s storytelling? I don’t think so.

There’s something irreplaceable about the warmth of Grandma’s voice, the twinkle in her eyes, and the way she becomes animated as she recounts tales from her childhood or spins a yarn about a talking squirrel. It’s more than a story – it’s a memory in the making.

Final score: 6 to 1, Grandma!


it seems clear that while Google is handy for on-the-spot information, it’s still got a long way to go to beat the wisdom, love, and hands-on knowledge that comes from a grandma’s life experience. So here’s to us – not just grandmas but tradition-keepers, memory-makers, and wisdom-givers. Keep up the wonderful work!

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