Organize a Themed Storytelling Night for Your Grandkids with Prompts and Role-Playing

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One of the best things about being a grandma is the read-alouds and stories, as there is nothing sweeter than sharing cuddles and a good story with those precious grandbabies. While there is nothing wrong with the standard (in fact, I immensely enjoy it!), I am always looking for ways to spice things up, which is how I came up with themed story nights!

As its name implies, themed story nights consist of choosing a specific theme and reading books or making up stories that pertain to it. It is an enjoyable activity and one that I hope you enjoy! Here’s how it works:

Steps for Hosting a Memorable Storytelling Night

Woman and girl on the couch for story time
  1. Choose a Comfortable Setting: Create a cozy storytelling space with pillows, blankets, and soft lighting, which can make the experience more immersive and enjoyable.
  2. Prepare the Stories: Grandma should prepare a few stories in advance by using themes, prompts, and role-play ideas.
  3. Plan Some Snacks: Snacks can make storytelling time more fun. Choose easy and healthy snacks that your grandkids enjoy!
  4. Interactive Elements: Encourage your grandchild to interact during the story, asking questions or guessing what might happen next to keep them engaged and interested.
  5. Story Props: Use props, like a magic wand or a family heirloom, to make the story come alive.
  6. Post-Story Activities: After the story, engage in an activity related to the story, whether it be drawing a scene from the story, acting it out, or discussing the moral of the story.
  7. Closing Ritual: End the storytelling night with a special ritual, like a hug or saying a certain phrase which signals the end of the story time and makes it something to look forward to next time.

Engaging Storytelling Themes

Little kids having a costume night
  1. Magical Adventures: For this theme, you can tell stories about magical creatures, enchanted forests, and fairies, all of which make for even more excitement and wonder.
  2. Historical Journey: Grandma can share stories from different periods in history, introducing the grandchild to various cultures, traditions, and pivotal moments from the past.
  3. Family Anecdotes: Stories about the family’s history can be very engaging, allowing the grandchild to learn more about their heritage and the ancestors they’ve never met!
  4. Travel Tales: Share about different countries that you, Grandma, have been to or want to visit, describing the sights, sounds, and cultures of these places.
  5. Tales of Resilience: Stories about overcoming difficulties can teach the grandchild valuable life lessons and inspire resilience.
  6. Moral Fables: Traditional fables and stories with morals are a great way to teach life lessons in a fun and engaging way.

Role-Playing Ideas

Little boy dressed up as an astronaut
  1. Radio Show: Pretend you’re hosting a radio show and tell stories as if you’re on the air. To take it up a notch, you can even have commercial breaks and music interludes!
  2. Story Theater: Act out the stories with props and costumes, assigning roles to each other and improvising.
  3. Puppet Show: Create simple puppets and use them to tell your stories, which allows for creativity in both crafting and storytelling.
  4. News Reporting: Pretend to be news reporters, discussing the events of your stories as if they just happened.
  5. Round Robin: Start a story, then pass it to the grandchild to continue, going back and forth adding on to the tale.


Meland Princess Dress up Trunk – Dress up Clothes for Little Girl

Meland Princess Dress up Trunk - Dress up Clothes for Little Girl

My little granddaughters’ LOVE to dress up whether or not there is a special occasion (like themed story time). Having some pretty dresses on hand is, in my opinion, always a great idea!

Five-Minute Stories – Over 50 Tales and Fables: Short Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, and Bedtime Collections for Children

Five-Minute Stories - Over 50 Tales and Fables: Short Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, and Bedtime Collections for Children

If you don’t already have a book of fairy tales, this is an EXCELLENT treasury to add to your home library.

Aesop’s Fables Hardcover: The Classic Edition

Aesop's Fables Hardcover: The Classic Edition

This is another one of those books that every home should have, as the stories are all classics and are a great addition to any storytime.


Remember, the goal of storytelling night is not just to entertain but to strengthen the bond between grandma and grandchild and to enhance communication skills. Allow for plenty of interaction, questions, and shared laughter. Let me know how it goes!

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