The 8 Types Of Grandmas In The Kitchen: Which Are You?

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No two grandmas are alike, not only in terms of personality and grandparenting style but also in terms of their cooking skills. Whether you’re a baker (if you’re a grandma, I bet you are!), a Microwaver, or a Jack of All Trades, this article is just for you and all the tasty things you make in the kitchen for those grandkids of yours! Which kind of grandma in the kitchen are you? 

1. The Jack of All Trades (err, Foods!)

Grandma cooking in the kitchen

There is no better place to start – and no better person to begin with – than you, the Jack of All Trades, who can make a little of everything. This gourmet granny can whip up a mean stir-fry, bake a tasty loaf of bread, and even cook a perfectly grilled steak, making her a favorite of her grandkids and their parents.

2. The Baker 

If you’re a grandma, you HAVE to be able to bake; however, some grandmas are still better bakers than others. The Baker Grandma can turn a simple bag of flour, sugar, and butter into an array of delectable desserts. The baker grandma’s kitchen is always filled with the enticing aroma of fresh-baked cookies, cakes, and pies, making it nearly impossible to resist their scrumptious creations.

3. The Microwaver 

Yes, you can bake, but don’t expect anything past homemade cakes and cookies. The Microwaver is the superhero of convenience, as this grandma has mastered the art of cooking entire meals with just a few pushes of a button. Though their dishes may not be gourmet, their skills in reheating leftovers, making popcorn, and even creating mug cakes are truly impressive.

4. The Breakfast Guru 

Unique pancakes for breakfast
Flickr/Heather Katsoulis

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and no one takes that more seriously than grandma! The Breakfast Guru can flip pancakes like a pro, scramble eggs to perfection, and cook bacon with just enough crispiness. Breakfast with this grandma is always a morning delight, and your grandkids will find themselves wishing for an all-day breakfast menu.

5. The Slow Cooker Star

What did we ever do before our slow cookers? Patience is a virtue, and the Slow Cooker Star knows it well. She excels at crafting tender, mouthwatering meals with the help of her trusty slow cooker. From pot roasts to hearty soups, these dishes may take hours to prepare, but the comforting flavors are always worth the wait.

6. The Pressure Cooker Prodigy

Who has time to wait when everyone’s starving? (Have you ever met a hangry grandkid? I do not recommend it!) Enter the Pressure Cooker Prodigy and her trusty Instant Pot. The Pressure Cooker Prodigy expertly harnesses the power of pressure to cook dishes in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods, resulting in tender roasts, creamy risottos, and perfectly cooked beans are a testament to the magic of the pressure cooker.

7. The Leftover Legend

Cooking on the stove
Flickr/Calgary Reviews

The Leftover Legend is a grandma who transforms yesterday’s meal into today’s culinary delight. She will turn a roast chicken into a mouthwatering chicken salad or morph a pot of chili into a scrumptious taco filling. This grandma’s creations are a testament to the power of creativity and resourcefulness in the kitchen.

8. The Snack-Attack Artist

Last but certainly not least on my list of the types of grandmas in the kitchen may be my grandkid’s favorite: the Snack-Attack Artist! This talented grandma specializes in finger foods and appetizers that keep the grands coming back for more via intricate cheese boards, scrumptious sliders, and mouthwatering dips. Her bite-sized creations may be small, but they pack a big punch of flavor. Yum!

I am dying to hear which grandma you are in the kitchen! I like to think that I am all of the above (the Jack of All Trades, I guess?), but my family would probably say I am more so a baker and a Microwaver. I’ll take it! As always, let’s talk again soon.

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