Which Are You? The 10 Different Kinds Of Grandmas Out There

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Grandmas are like flowers, with each beautiful yet different from the last. Some grandmas are adventurous and full of energy, while others are quiet and prefer reading books and playing board games. There is no wrong way to be a grandma, which makes the job so darn fun! As a grandma myself and as someone who had grandmas (and has plenty of grandma friends!), I have found that there are 10 different kinds of grandmas, including:

The Funny Grandma

Elderly woman drinking champagne
Flickr/Ryan Forsythe

I had a funny grandma and hope I can be the same for my grandkids, as the funny grandma tells the best stories, has the best comebacks, and always has a wisecrack or two up her sleeve.

The “Rules… What rules?” Grandma

Fun with grandma
Flickr/David Malouf

Ice cream for dinner? Of course! You want to stay up an extra 10 minutes (or 5 hours)? That’s fine by me! You aren’t supposed to watch Spongebob but really want to? Okay, that’s fine… just don’t tell your parents! Isn’t it fun to be the grandma? 😛

The Adventurous Grandma

Grandma on a trampoline

Like your young grandchild, you have no fear and are always up for an adventure, whether riding a rollercoaster, racing go-karts, doing flips on trampolines, or skiing down the triple black diamond slope. Keep on keeping on, you fun and adventurous grandma, you!

The Glam-Ma

Grandma and grandson posing in front of wallpaper
Flickr/Rasmus Andersson

Goldie Hawn coined this term for herself (she didn’t want her grandkids to call her grandma – no judgment, Goldie!), and I think it is as fabulous as she is! A Glam-Ma is a posh and stylish grandmother who keeps up with all the latest fashion tips and trends. A Glam-Ma may also be mistaken as the grandchild’s mother (and she isn’t complaining).

The Homebody Grandma 

Grandma and granddaughter smiling for the camera
Flickr/C.K. Koay

You bake the best cookies, tell the best stories, and give the best back rubs. They say that home is where the heart is, and truer words have never been spoken, especially when it comes to you. You, grandma, are the heart of the home, and to you, there is no better place to enjoy those grandkids. 

The Superhero Grandma

Grandmother and grandchild laughing at a book together
Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski

Yes, all grandmas are superheroes in their own right, but you go above and beyond, whether it be with childcare, helping out financially, or even sharing your home with your grandkids. All I am saying is that nobody has ever seen you and Wonder Woman together in the same room…

The Rock ‘n Roll Grandma

Grandma with an arm tattoo

You may be a mom and a grandma, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still cool! Remember when you saw the Stones in concert and traveled the country in your friend’s converted school bus? You were – scratch that – ARE cool, and look forward to passing your grooviness onto this next generation.

The Active Grandma

Grandma enjoying her time at a restaurant
Flickr/David Hsu

Sure, you’re a grandma, and your grandkids are your entire world, but you still have your interests and hobbies, whether it be working out, the arts, or traveling. While you enjoy every minute you have with the grands and look forward to your next visit, you have plenty going on in the meantime to bide your time.

The Wise Grandma

83-year-old grandmother
Flickr/Maggie Levesque

You have been there and done that, and you have so much advice and wisdom to share with not only your family but friends, too! Whether doling out life advice, sharing tried and true medical remedies, or just helping the grandkids with homework, you are a wealth of information that so many count on and appreciate. 

The Eccentric Grandma

Grandma having some fun wearing beer goggles
Flickr/Miriam Mezzera

Why be beige when you can be glitter, neon, or pastel? Life is too short to be boring, and you believe in adding as much color to it as possible via your wardrobe, hair, and/or home decor. (Some call it eccentric, but let’s face it – you’re just fun!)

Tell the truth: Which are you? Are you just one or a combination of several? Whatever your answer, know that you are exceptional and that your grandchild(ren) is lucky to have YOU as their grandma!

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