Unique Easter Basket Ideas Your Grandkids Will Love

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Easter is my favorite time of year, thanks, especially to the meaning of the season and the extra family time! As I just shared, my family comes over for a special post-church brunch, and then the grandkids head out for their favorite: the Easter egg hunt!

In addition to hosting brunch and setting up the hunt, I also like to gift my grandkids their own special basket from grandma. (What can I say? Gift-giving is my love language!) Of course, I begin with their favorite candy and a few knick-knacks, but I also love adding something unique to each basket. If you, too, are looking to add something new to your grandkids’ Easter basket(s), consider these options for a “grand” gift they will never forget.

1. Granny coupon book 

Nancy's coupon book

Are you ready for some crafting? Put together a homemade coupon book of things your grandchild can “redeem” with you, like a park day, bowling, an afternoon swimming, etc.

Think of them like an IOU. Just little notes that allow them to redeem fun things with grandma.

2. “Yes Day” certificate 

You know I LOVE a good “yes day” and look for any excuse to have one with my grands! For the Easter basket, you can handwrite or print out a certificate entitling your grandchild to one day where they get to call all the shots. (I wrote a very in-depth piece on how to have the perfect “yes day” with your grandkids, which I encourage you to check out before having yours!) 

3. Customized hobby supplies 

No matter what your grandchild enjoys, you will find a customizable gift that compliments it! Does your grandchild enjoy cooking or baking? Make or purchase an apron with their name on it! Are they big fans of arts and crafts? A personalized supply box makes an excellent gift! Do you have a fisherman (err, boy or girl) in the family? A lovely customized tackle box will surely bring a huge smile to their face. 

4. Scavenger hunt 

Scavenger hunt checklist
Flickr/Melissa Hillier

I touched on this with unique Easter egg hunt ideas, but I realized you could put the first clue in the basket to begin the hunting festivities! 

5. Personalized picture gift

Nothing makes my grandkids’ faces light up more than seeing pictures from a fun day or outing, so I love incorporating them into personalized puzzles, photo books, blankets, and playing cards! Several places do this, including Costco, Snapfish, Shutterfly, and even Walgreens (and the price isn’t too bad, either!). 

6. Subscription box

Where were subscription boxes when we were kids?! As the name suggests, a subscription box is a product that is shipped regularly, and there are so many unique ones that cater to kids (think STEM projects, arts and crafts, makeup, and so on). Kids love receiving mail – especially when it is something fun like a package, so I cannot recommend this concept/gift idea enough.

7. Camera

Little girl with a camera
Flickr/MIKI Yoshihito

Oh, to see the world through a child’s eyes…  While those days have come and gone for us, our grandkids are still in the thick of it, so giving them a camera and seeing what they find important enough to capture is an excellent gift! (Have you seen these Instax cameras that – like our old Polaroids – print and develop instantly?) 

8. Memberships

Memberships to a local museum, aquarium, or exhibit are wonderful, as they provide experiences over clutter plus a unique way for kids to learn something new without realizing they are learning anything. 

No matter what you add to your Easter basket, your grandchild will love it because it came from you, their beloved grandma! I hope this gave you some ideas and inspiration, and I pray that you and your family have the most blessed Easter! Let’s talk again soon 🙂

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