How To Have A “Yes Day” With Your Grandchild

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I love a good “Yes Day”! If you read most of my articles, you may have seen me mention it a time or two, as it is such a fun and easy concept that will build your bond with your grandkids and create timeless memories for all of you. 

If this is the first time you are hearing about a Yes Day, allow me to explain: A Yes Day is a special occasion where you dedicate a whole day to saying “yes” to the reasonable requests and activities your grandkids suggest. Based on the movie “Yes Day,” starring Jennifer Garner, a Yes Day is a great way to see and do new things with your grandkids and encourage their creativity and imagination.

Tips For Planning a Yes Day with Your Grandkids

Grandma joins in on the fun
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While there is no wrong way to have a Yes Day, there are some basic rules and guidelines that I like to follow:

1. Set some ground rules

Before embarking on your Yes Day adventure, it’s essential to establish some boundaries to ensure safety and staying within a set budget. Ensure your grandkids understand that requests should be reasonable, age-appropriate, and within your financial means.

2. Plan the day in advance

Encourage your grandkids to brainstorm ideas for activities they would like to do on Yes Day. This could involve anything from a day at the amusement park to simple crafts at home. Make a list of their top choices, and work together to create a schedule for the day.

3. Embrace spontaneity

While planning is essential, be prepared to say “yes” to spontaneous ideas during the day. This flexibility will make the experience even more exciting and enjoyable for both you and your grandkids!

4. Participate in the activities

A Yes Day is an excellent opportunity for grandma to engage in activities they might typically avoid. Join your grandkids in their play, try new hobbies, and be open to new experiences. Your enthusiasm will make the day even more enjoyable for everyone.

5. Capture the memories

Take plenty of photos and videos throughout the day to document your Yes Day adventure! You can later create a photo album or a scrapbook to remember the fun moments you shared (plus it gives mom and dad a chance to see everything, too!).

6. Encourage creativity and imagination

A Yes Day is the perfect time to foster your grandchildren’s creativity. Allow them to explore new ideas, express themselves artistically, or create a fun family project.

7. Prioritize quality time

The most crucial aspect of a Yes Day is spending quality time together. Ensure you’re fully present and engaged in the activities, putting aside distractions like phones (minus snapping a few photos and videos, of course).

8. Reflect on the day

At the end of the Yes Day, discuss the highlights and share your favorite moments to help solidify the memories and remind everyone of the importance of spending time together.

9. Plan for future Yes Days

If your Yes Day was a hit, consider making it a regular event! Depending on your preferences and means, you could schedule one annually or even more frequently.

When I say there is no wrong way to have a Yes Day, I mean it!

Having a Yes Day with My Grandkids (Example)

Grandma and granddaughter on the swings

As of this writing, I have treated each of my grandkids to a few Yes Days, and let me tell you, they have each been a huge hit! While I don’t want to bore you with details from every single one (though a few do overlap – great minds think alike!), here are a few of the things that we have done:

  • An afternoon at a trampoline park (yes, even grandma got in on the high-intensity fun!)
  • Lunch at Red Robin, ice cream at Cold Stone, and then a matinee at the local discount movie theater
  • An entire day at a local park that has playgrounds, train rides, and a petting zoo (I packed a picnic lunch and tons of snacks)
  • A baseball game and dinner
  • An “I’ll buy whatever you can carry” challenge at the Dollar Tree (Grandma buys what they can carry in their arms! However, if they drop something, they have to put it back)

As you can see, having a Yes Day with your grandchild is such a simple and easy-to-personalize concept that will create memories that last a lifetime! If you do take your grandchild for a Yes Day, please let me know what you do 🙂

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