12 Simple Ways to Embrace the Fullness of November with Your Grandkids

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Everyone loves October (what’s not to love?!), but I feel like November often gets set on the back burner. We cannot allow this – after all, November is still beautiful (albeit a little colder) and is the month for giving thanks and counting our blessings. Let us learn to enjoy this month even more and teach our grandbabies to do the same!

If you want to embrace the fullness of November and also share this love with your grandbabies, begin with one (or all) of these 12 simple tips: 

1. Nature walks and leaf collecting

The simple pleasure of a walk through the park can turn into a magical journey in November when you collect fallen leaves of different shapes and colors and talk about the changing seasons. At home, these leaves can be used for crafts or a scrapbook, which captures the essence of this wonderful month.

2. Thanksgiving storytelling

Share stories from your past Thanksgivings to easily foster a sense of family history. Why stop there when you can also encourage your grandkids to create their own stories, whether imagining the first Thanksgiving or making up tales about the adventures of a pilgrim family?

3. Cooking and baking together

Bring the warmth of the kitchen to your grandkids by cooking or baking seasonal dishes together. Which will it be: Pumpkin pies or homemade apple cider? (Why not both?!) Whichever you choose, know that these cooking sessions are not just about the food but the stories and laughter shared.

4. Create a gratitude tree

What better way to decorate this November than with a gratitude tree where each leaf or branch holds a note of something you’re thankful for? This can be a daily activity leading up to Thanksgiving or something you do the day of, as it teaches the importance of gratitude and reflection.

5. Bird-watching and feeder-making

Late fall may not be well known for bird watching, but remember: As the weather cools, many birds begin their migration! Spend time bird-watching and teach your grandkids about different bird species. You can also make simple bird feeders to help the birds on their journey!

6. Knitting and crafting

Cozy indoor activities like knitting, crocheting, or crafting are perfect for chilly November days. Even better? These activities are not only fun but also help in developing fine motor skills and patience in children.

7. Visit a local farm

If accessible, visiting a local farm can be educational and fun, as it’s a great way to teach your grandkids about where food comes from and the importance of supporting local agriculture.

8. Write thank you notes

Encourage your grandkids to write thank-you notes to people they’re grateful for, whether family members, teachers, or friends. Writing thank you’s is a meaningful way to express gratitude and thoughtfulness.

9. Create a family cookbook

Do you have a recipe box full of your mom and grandma’s recipes? Share them with your grandkids by compiling them into a book! Let your grandkids help with the cookbook’s writing, drawing, or decorating, which can become a cherished family heirloom.

10. Host a movie night

Host a cozy movie night with your grandkids featuring family-friendly movies celebrating family and thankfulness. Don’t forget the popcorn and warm blankets!

11. Stargazing

As the nights grow longer, stargazing can be a magical experience! (To make it even better, you can share stories about the constellations and the universe.)

12. Volunteer together

Participate in community service or volunteer at a local charity for a valuable lesson in empathy, kindness, and the joy of helping others.


Embracing November with your grandkids is not just about keeping them occupied but making the most of these fleeting moments, building bonds, and creating a treasure chest of memories that will last you and them a lifetime. I pray that you and your grand(s) can enjoy every minute! God bless.

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