14 Genius Ways To Take FaceTime With The Grandkids To Another Level

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When you live far away from your grandkids, FaceTime (or any other video chatting app) is an absolute lifeline, as it allows you to not only talk to your grands but also to see their faces and allow them also to see and hear you! While seeing them is enough to keep us grandmas entranced for hours on end, the littler grandkids can often become restless quickly, limiting the time we interact with them.

Needless to say, this isn’t anything to take personally, but if you are looking for ways to keep your younger grandchildren on the phone and engaged, try one (or all) of these 14 genius ways to take FaceTime to another level:

1. Storytelling

Child reading by the fire
Flickr/Jason Mrachina

Enchant your grandchild with your favorite tales or new stories! Use lively expressions and gestures to transport them into a magical world, creating memorable moments together. If you don’t like making up stories, you can choose a picture book or two to read aloud.

2. Show and tell

Ask your grandchild to share their favorite toys, drawings, or books with you. You can even share your own exciting items or memories to promote heartwarming conversations and connections!

3. Virtual scavenger hunt

Compile a list of items for your grandchild to find in their home. They can show you each item on camera, instantly transforming your FaceTime call into a fun-filled treasure hunt.

4. Puppets and stuffed animals

Homemade puppets
Flickr/fui 🙂

Get creative with puppets or stuffed animals to act out stories, sing songs, or have silly conversations. Invite your grandchild to join in and make your own show and special memories! (If you want, you can even spend time crafting puppets out of paper bags and other crafting supplies at the beginning of your call.)

5. Dress-ups

Inspire your grandchild to dress up as their favorite character or superhero, and join in the fun by wearing your own whimsical accessories. Trust me: Not only will you strengthen your bond, but you will share lots of giggles, too.

6. Drawing and coloring

Express your creativity together by drawing or coloring. Take turns suggesting ideas for artwork – or pull up a tutorial on YouTube that you do simultaneously! – and share your masterpieces.

7. Sing!

Child singing out loud
Flickr/james taylor

Lift your voices in song, choosing familiar tunes or making up your own silly lyrics. Singing together can brighten both of your days and bring smiles to your faces. What will it be: “Row Row Row Your Boat”? “London Bridge”? “The Hokey Pokey”? Why not all of the above? 

8. Trivia or quizzes

Test your grandchild’s knowledge with age-appropriate trivia questions related to their interests. Cheer them on for their correct answers and watch their confidence grow. (If you like, you can even ask them some of these open-ended questions that make for great conversation and getting to know each other better.)

9. Teach new skills and activities

Introduce your grandchild to a new skill or activity, such as knitting, a magic trick, or a family recipe. Not only will your grandchild learn something new, but possibly a lifelong hobby that they will always associate with their special grandma.

10. Interactive games

FaceTime with Anna's Home School
Flickr/Christine McIntosh

Engage in simple, age-appropriate games like “I Spy,” “20 Questions,” or “Simon Says.” These games are a fantastic way to have fun and get to know your grandchild even better!

11. Charades

Who doesn’t love a good game of charades? Take turns acting out words, phrases, or movie titles for your grandchild to guess. If you like, you can include your grandchild’s parents (your adult child), too! (Or not – I won’t judge!)

12. Science experiments

Show your grandchild easy science experiments using household items. Walk them through each step, explaining the process and discussing the results, nurturing their curiosity and understanding of the world.

13. Share photos

Scrapbook pictures
Flickr/Dean Michaud

Swap photos of your daily life, recent trips, or fun events, and ask your grandchild to share their own images. This exchange offers a glimpse into each other’s worlds and can promote meaningful conversations.

14. Plan a themed day

Plan themed days where you both dress up or chat about specific topics, such as nature, animals, or outer space. These themed activities will keep your FaceTime sessions fresh, entertaining, and engaging.

I hope these ideas inspire you and make you even more excited for your next FaceTime session! Spending time with grandkids is always time well spent – even if it is over video chat. Have fun, and if you think of other ways to take your FaceTime to another level, I would love to hear about it! Let’s talk again soon – I look forward to it. 

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