Your Grandkids Are Sure To Fall In Love With This Autumn-Themed Scavenger Hunt

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Is there anything more fun and exciting than a scavenger hunt with clever clues and a curated list of things to find? According to my grandkids, there is not, so I am always racking my brain for new scavenger hunts they will enjoy.

Since it is officially fall, I figured why not make a fall-themed scavenger hunt full of familiar things they can find outside? The search was a huge success, and I am excited to share it with you and your grandkids, too!

Without further ado, here is an autumn-themed scavenger hunt that your grands are guaranteed to “fall” in love with! (Do you see what I did there? Hehe!)

Clue One:
Begin your quest with something quite bold;
Find a leaf that glimmers with hues of gold.
Not hidden too high or buried too low,
But dancing amidst autumn’s gentle throw.

Answer: Golden leaf

Clue Two:
The next on your list is a wonder to view,
A leaf that sparkles with a fiery hue.
As if kissed by the setting autumn sun,
Find this leaf, and you’ll know you’ve begun.

Answer: Red leaf

Clue Three:
Tiny and brown, resting on the ground,
This seed of the future is waiting to be found.
For within its small shell, it dreams of being tall,
But only if it escapes squirrels and all.

Answer: Acorn

Clue Four:
Among the trees, it quietly rests,
Prickly and piney, one of nature’s best.
Lying beneath the tall evergreen,
Find this treasure, and you’ll beam.

Answer: Pinecone

Clue Five:
In the trees or scampering around,
This bushy-tailed creature can easily be found.
Chattering away as it leaps and twirls,
Spot this nimble creature as it whirls.

Answer: Squirrels

Clue Six:
In the midst of the woods, it waits to be seen,
A twig that young slingshooters deem as a dream.
Not perfectly straight, nor completely awry,
Find this twig that looks just like a ‘Y’.

Answer: Twig shaped like a ‘Y.’

Clue Seven:
Amidst the leaves, it’s been gently laid,
A feather that once in the sky had played.
Soft and light, it’s a gift from the breeze,
Pick it up gently, with the utmost ease.

Answer: A bird’s feather

Clue Eight:
By the babbling brook or under the tree’s shade,
You’ll find a stone, by time, perfectly made.
Cool to the touch and smooth as the sea,
A testament to time’s old legacy.

Answer: A smooth stone

Clue Nine:
In corners and nooks, where the morning dew clings,
You’ll find silvery threads, a spider’s offerings.
Glistening and delicate, a masterpiece so fine,
Spot this creation, and you’ll know you’re on line.

Answer: Spider web

Clue Ten:
Finally, as your hunt nears its end grand,
Seek the symbol of our bountiful land.
Orange, sometimes as small or large as the sun,
Find this autumn delight, and your hunt is done!

Answer: Pumpkin


Now, with your treasures gathered and hunt complete, meet back at grandma’s house for some warm apple cider or a pumpkin treat. You all deserve it!

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