A Day in the Life of a Tech-Challenged Grandma

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I know it is cliche, but, despite having my own website and newsletter, I STILL feel frustrated by the fast-moving world of technology! While our grandkids can pick up the latest apps and trends at the drop of a hat, it takes us weeks to figure out how to download and open the dang program! 

As an ode to us grandmas, I have written a day in the life of how I often feel whenever my grandkids ask me to do something technical. (Seriously, whatever happened to just picking up the phone and calling someone to communicate? Do we really need these tweets and threads and gobbly goop?) Please tell me I am not the only one, hehe. 

Unamused grandmother with the children on their phones

9:00 AM A phone call from my grandkid. They want me to download something called WhatsApp before they arrive. Download? Okay, this sounds like a mission. But first, a quick game of Solitaire to get my mind sharp.

10:30 AM Ah, good old Google is helpful once again. After some typing, backspacing, and more typing, I’ve downloaded WhatsApp! I feel like a tech wizard! I try to set my profile picture…

11:45 AM After 17 attempts, my profile picture is finally not upside down. Victory! Now, to figure out how to send a message…

12:30 PM Lunchtime. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Easy, no app needed.

12:45 PM While watching the news, I learned that Elon Musk had changed the Twitter logo from a bird to an X. Wait, Twitter had a logo?

1:00 PM Grandkids have arrived. They’re amused by my struggles with the new app but are happy I’m trying. They show me how to make a video call.

1:30 PM I’ve accidentally video-called a random contact from my book club twice. Oops.

2:00 PM One of the grandkids suggested I try a game on an app called Roblox. It’s supposed to be easy, they say. Just tap here and there, they say.

3:30 PM My avatar has been stuck in a virtual wall for the last hour and a half. The grandkids are laughing hysterically.

4:00 PM Time for a break. The kids are introducing me to Spotify. It’s like a giant radio station!

4:30 PM I’ve somehow started a 3-month free trial, saved a 60’s playlist, and followed a band named BTS.

5:00 PM Dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs. Again, no app needed.

6:00 PM After dinner, we all play a board game. Ah, this is more my speed. No batteries, no software updates, just good old-fashioned fun.

8:00 PM They’re leaving now, but they’ve scheduled a Zoom call for next week. They promised to teach me how to use it before then… A promise I intend to hold them to!

9:00 PM An eventful day. As I turn off my phone (after Googling how to), I can’t help but chuckle. This tech stuff isn’t so bad, I suppose.

10:00 PM I can’t sleep, so I turn my phone back on and see what’s happening on Facebook. Oof, Sally is sharing pictures of her grandkids again and saying they are the world’s cutest. MINE are the cutest, and everyone knows it.

10:08 PM I fall asleep mid-scroll and accidentally like Sally’s picture and caption… aye yi yi!


I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it! There are days when it feels like technology is taking over and we cannot get a handle on it, but you are doing a great job and – whether or not you’re a techie – remember your grandkids love you dearly.

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