12 Genius Home Organization Solutions for Grandmas

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Home organization is essential for everyone, but it’s especially important for grandmas who may have to manage not only their belongings but also those of their children and grandchildren. The right organization solutions can allow you to live a clutter-free life and simplify daily tasks. 

From decluttering to creating a functional space, these genius home organization solutions can make a huge difference in the lives of grandmas, helping them stay on top of things and enjoy a more stress-free life.

Here are 12 genius home organization solutions for grandmas:

1. Adjustable Pantry Organizers

Savvy Shelf Adjustable Pantry & Can Storage Organizer - Storage Kitchen Cabinet Organizer - Pantry Organization & Storage Can Organizer for Pantry & Cupboard

Adjustable organizers are innovative solutions for keeping pantry items neat, tidy, and easily accessible for everyone. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit any pantry. They are also adjustable to ensure they accommodate items of different sizes.

The organizers are flexible and maximize space by utilizing a vertical storage. This makes it easier to see and access items stored at the back of the pantry.

2. Senior-Friendly Closet Organizers

LEHOM G6 Wire Garment Rack Heavy Duty Clothes Rack Compact Large Size Armoire Storage Rack Freestanding Metal Clothing Rack Closet Wardrobe with 3 Hanger Rod and 4 Large Shelves 4 Small Shelves, Black

Senior-friendly closet organizers can make accessing clothing and accessories easier for seniors, including grandmas. The organizers tend to have simple, easy-to-use designs requiring minimal understanding.

The closet includes features like adjustable height rods, pull-out drawers, and open shelving. The adjustable height rods allow for clothing to be hung at a reachable height, while pull-out drawers and open shelving offer easy access to stored items.

3. Easy-to-Use Label Makers

Brother P-Touch, PTD210, Easy-to-Use Label Maker Bundle (4 Label Tapes Included)

Easy-to-use label makers allow grandmas to create and print labels quickly and hassle-free. They have large buttons and simple interfaces, making them ideal for seniors with limited dexterity or vision. They also have clear fonts and high-contrast colors, making them easy to read and navigate. 

4. Large-Print Calendar Planners

EZ2See® 2023 Weekly Planner Calendar - Daily Plan Organizer with Large Black Print AND Borders - High Contrast Appointment Book with Huge Space for Notes, Bold Lines - 8.5x11"

Large-print calendar planners feature bigger font sizes, clear and contrasted layouts, and ample space for writing appointments and reminders. They come in various designs, including monthly, weekly, and daily formats.

These calendar planners can benefit you by providing a clear, easy-to-read way to track appointments, birthdays, and other important events. It is important to consider factors such as the planner’s size and weight, the print and paper’s quality, layout, and ease of use during purchase. 

5. Ergonomic Drawer Dividers

Drawer Dividers Organizer 4 Pack, Adjustable Separators 4" High Expandable from 11-17

Ergonomic drawer dividers keep drawers organized and tidy by creating separate compartments for different items. These dividers are durable and adjustable to fit different drawer sizes. They also have handles, making it easy for grandmas to pull out the drawer and access items without straining.

The drawer dividers can come in handy, especially if you need customized storage solutions for different items, such as socks, underwear, or office supplies. 

6. Non-Slip Hangers and Clothing Storage

devesanter Pants Hangers Space Save Non-Slip 6 Pack S-Shape Trousers Hangers Stainless Steel Clothes Hangers Closet Storage Organizer for Pants Jeans Scarf Hanging Black

Non-slip hangers keep clothing in place and prevent them from sliding off hangers or becoming wrinkled. They are made of non-slip materials, such as velvet or rubber, and come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of clothing.

These hangers and storage solutions can benefit you by making it easier to access clothing without worrying about them falling off the hangers. It can help maintain your independence even in the senior years and save time by reducing the need to reorganize or iron the clothes.

7. Over-the-Door Shoe Organizers

Over-the-door shoe organizers are perfect for keeping shoes off the floor and in good condition. They come in various sizes and designs, with pockets or hooks holding multiple pairs of shoes.

These organizers can benefit grandmas by freeing up floor space and making it easier to locate shoes quickly without needing to rummage through a mound of footwear. They can also store other items, such as cleaning supplies or hats.

8. Accessible Storage Baskets and Bins

NEATERIZE Item Container, Woven Storage Baskets For Organizing - Set Of 9 Fabric Empty Organizer Bins With Handles - For Organization, Linen Closet Shelves & Bathroom Basket, Nylon, Dark Grey

Whether you desire plastic, woven, or cloth baskets and bins, accessible storage containers make storing and finding items easy. They are particularly useful for elderly people with issues with excessive mobility for older adults, as you can place them at reachable heights.

These storage baskets and bins can help you keep your home organized by giving everything a designated place, making it much easier to clean and locate items when necessary. They also come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different items.

9. Rolling Utility Carts

Sywhitta 3-Tier Plastic Rolling Utility Cart with Handle, Multi-Functional Storage Trolley for Office, Living Room, Kitchen, Movable Storage Organizer with Wheels, White

Rolling utility carts are versatile and can help in various home organization tasks. They can be useful as a mobile pantry, a craft station, a gardening cart, or even as a bar cart. Some of these carts come with drawers, baskets, and shelves, providing ample space to store different items.

These carts are ideal if you need to move around and want your essential items within reach, especially if you have limited mobility. The wheels offer easy mobility, reducing the need to lift or carry objects. 

10. Reacher Grabber Tools

Grabber Reacher Tool - 2 Pack - Newest Version Long 32 Inch Foldable Pick Up Stick - Strong Grip Magnetic Tip Lightweight Trash Picker Claw Reacher Grabber Tool Elderly Reaching - by Luxet (Pink)

Reacher grabber tools can help you pick up items from the floor or high shelves without bending or stretching. They come with a long handle and a claw-like mechanism that can grip onto objects.

These grabber tools make it far less likely for grandmas to strain themselves or experience pain from bending or reaching, making them an essential tool for everyday use.

11. Magnifying Glasses with Light

Headband Magnifier, Rechargeable Magnifying Glasses with Light Hands Free Interchangeable Magnification Lenses 1.5X 2.5X 3.5X 5X for Jewelry, Crafts, Cross Stitch

Magnifying glasses with lights can assist with reading small print or working on intricate tasks. These glasses feature built-in light and magnifying lenses, providing better visibility and detail. They are handy when reading medication labels or small text in a recipe book and can also be useful for hobbies such as sewing or knitting.

12. Medication Organizers

AUVON XL Weekly Pill Organizer 2 Times a Day, Pill Box 7 Day with One-side Large Opening Design for Easy Filling, Black Privacy Protection AM PM Pill Case for Medication/Vitamins/Fish Oils/Supplements

Medication organizers can help grandmas keep track of their medication schedules and prevent missed doses. These organizers come in various shapes and sizes, with compartments or alarms to remind you when to take your medication. They can also store pills or other medication securely, and some organizers can even lock to prevent accidental ingestion.

Old age can limit the ability to stay organized, but grandmas can enhance the living experience and have stress-free life with these genius home organization solutions. From adjustable pantry organizers to medication organizers, these solutions can accommodate different needs and provide more accessible and functional spaces.

It is important to consider factors such as ease of use, durability, and accessibility when choosing organizational solutions. These factors can hinder the solution’s effectiveness, which can affect the independence of older people. Hope these items help you the way they’ve helped me! 🙂

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