22 Free Apps Every Grandma Needs On Her Phone

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In this age of technology and the internet, apps are becoming more and more essential to every day life.

They can be very helpful and allow you to get things done you couldn’t otherwise. Also, they offer ways to stay in touch, have fun, and even track your health in ways never thought possible before!

As a grandmother, the kids and grandkids insisted that I download certain ones, but I also found some on my own that make my life easier! Here’s a comprehensive list I put together that hopefully helps out my fellow seniors:



Helps manage medications, track prescriptions, and set reminders, ensuring that we take our medicines on time and in the correct dosage.


MyFitnessPal helps keep track of daily food intake, exercise, and weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

SilverSneakers GO

Offers guided workout plans and exercise videos, encouraging seniors to stay physically active and healthy.


This app helps seniors compare prescription drug prices at local pharmacies and find coupons, potentially saving big money on medications.


Magnifying Glass With Light

iPhone | Android

Converts the smartphone’s camera into a magnifying glass and flashlight, enabling us seniors to read small text or navigate in low light conditions.


Offers brain training games designed to improve memory, attention, and cognitive skills. These games can help seniors stay mentally sharp and engaged!


Offers news, local events, and member benefits to AARP members. It also provides access to AARP’s magazine and bulletin content, helping seniors stay informed and engaged with the community.


If you’re on an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad), you have FaceTime built in. If you’re looking for an alternative, Skype provides the video calling that allows us to stay connected to family and friends.

Senior Discounts & Coupons

iPhone | Android

Helps seniors discover discounts and deals on various products and services, allowing us to save money on everyday expenses.

Find My Parked Car

iPhone | Android

Helps seniors remember where they parked their cars, especially in large parking lots or unfamiliar locations. This has saved me some time on more than one occasion!


A note-taking app that helps seniors stay organized by allowing them to create, store, and access notes, to-do lists, and reminders.


Calm is a free app but also offers a premium version with more features. If you ever find you need help winding down before bed or just need to calm down in general, the sights and sounds offered here will do the trick!


Venmo connects directly to your bank’s checking account to allow for quick and easy digital transactions to individuals and even some businesses. Like how a debit card works without needing to have a card on you!



A challenging word puzzle game that helps improve vocabulary and expand the brain. And what Grandma doesn’t love a good word puzzle?


Wordle is a word game that you can play with others or even your own friends and family members by adding them to your “room.” Have fun getting lost in this one for hours on end… The grandkids love it!

Candy Crush

iPhone | Android

Candy Crush is a vibrant and colorful “match three” game in which the gameplay is based on lining up three or more matching-colored candies in a row or column. Once you start playing around with it, you’ll get it!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Offers a collection of digital jigsaw puzzles, providing a fun and engaging way to pass the time and exercise our minds. This one in particular is right up my alley!


Simple Radio

Provides access to thousands of radio stations from around the world, allowing seniors to enjoy their favorite music, news, or talk shows!


Offers a vast library of audiobooks, podcasts, and original audio content. Although the app itself is free, there are in-app purchases for audiobooks. Many local libraries offer free access to audiobooks through the app as well.


A language learning app that offers lessons in various languages, helping seniors stay mentally active and potentially pick up a new skill.


The free version of Spotify offers millions of songs and podcasts and radio stations for your listening pleasure! Spotify premium allows for downloading for offline use and the ability to create your own playlists.


YouTube is helpful for finding videos on anything and everything you could imagine! From tutorials on how to fix little things around the house to starting new hobbies and watching whatever you desire for your own entertainment.


Whatever bank you use, make sure you search the App Store to see if they offer an app for convenience (most of them do nowadays). Also, any tax professional business you may use or specific hospital you are associated with. And don’t forget your favorite restaurants so you can order ahead or even have your meals delivered. There are apps for everything, and the vast majority are free to use!

And there you have it, the basic apps that help me get throughout the day and some other suggestions I think are appropriate for seniors like myself. If we get over the initial thought that technology is confusing and scary, entire worlds are opened up to us to make life easier! 🙂

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