7 Ways Your Grandkids Show You the World Through a Different Lens

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As grandmas, we have ample life experience and have seen and done many things through the years. Thanks to our lived experiences and education (inside and outside of a classroom), we have much to share with others, including our grandkids!

Ironically, our grandkids may have as much to teach us as we do them. Sure, they haven’t been around as long as we have, but they can sure make us see different things in new and exciting ways, including: 

1. Technology and the digital world

Remember when a phone was just a phone? Grandkids today are practically born with a tablet in one hand and a smartphone in the other! That said, they can quickly and easily introduce us to the wonders of technology, from video calls to virtual reality. It’s not just about the latest apps or gadgets but how they perceive a world where information, entertainment, and communication are just a tap away. Thanks to our grandkids, we can see a vast yet interconnected world.

2. Boundless curiosity

Every “why” from your grandchild opens a door to rediscover the wonders of the world. As you have probably noticed, children don’t just accept the world as it is – they question, wonder, and are genuinely curious. To me, it’s a humbling experience to revisit things we take for granted and explore deeper truths or simpler joys.

3. Unfiltered honesty

Kids have an innate honesty that social norms haven’t tainted. While it can occasionally lead to awkward situations (“Memaw, why does that man have such a big belly?”), it also showcases a perspective unburdened by societal filters. Thank you, our precious grandbabies, for reminding us of the importance of authenticity and the joy of seeing the world without pretense.

4. Living in the moment

In our busy adult lives, we often get lost in the worries of yesterday or the plans for tomorrow. On the other hand, our grandkids have an incredible ability to be present entirely. Whether chasing a butterfly or engrossed in a coloring book, they are genuinely ‘in the moment’ and remind us to do the same.

5. What boundaries?

Before the world tells them they can’t, every child believes they can. Fly to the moon? Sure! Become a superhero? Why not? A child’s dreams are limitless, and by watching them, we’re reminded of a time when anything was possible and how, maybe, a lot of it still is.

6. Simple = beautiful

For grandkids, joy can be found in the simplest things, a la, a cardboard box turns into a fortress, and a stick becomes a sword. Their play and wonder remind us that happiness doesn’t always come from the grand or the extravagant but often from the most unexpected and straightforward places.

7. Unconditional love and acceptance

To a grandchild, you’re not just grandma; you’re a superhero, a confidante, and sometimes, a partner-in-crime. They don’t see the wrinkles or the gray but rather the heart. Through our grandkids’ eyes, we learn the profound lesson of self-worth and the power of unconditional love. What can be better?


Observing the world through our grandkids’ fresh, untainted perspective not only broadens our horizons but often rekindles a joy for life that we might have forgotten. How did we get so darn blessed?

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