12 Superhero Abilities Only Grandmas Seem To Have

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Has anyone ever told you that you, grandma, are a superhero? It’s true!

Sure, you may not be able to fly, see through walls, or become invisible (or can you?), but you have powers even more impressive than all of the DC and Marvel heroes COMBINED! (Though, now that I think about it, I don’t think I have ever seen you and Wonder Woman together in the same room…)

Here is a small sample of the superhero-esque traits that only grandmas are blessed enough to possess:

1. You can fix ALL the things  

Red spool of thread and needle

Whether it’s a boo-boo, a tear in your granddaughter’s favorite dress, or a favorite meal with all the trimmings, grandma can get it mended and fixed in record time! 

2. Your home is a headquarters of peace and calm 

Do you remember how you felt when you were a kid and visited your grandma’s house? It was almost like you left all your problems at the door and could feel all your anxiety melt away. Guess what? Your home has that same effect on your grandkids, which not even Batman nor his Batcave can match.

3. We grandmas have eyes in the back of our heads 

Yes, we know what you just did… Whether or not we acknowledge it or discipline you for it, however, depends on the severity of your crime. (If I am being honest, you will probably get away with it, as no isn’t in a grandma’s vocabulary.)

4. Grandmas cook and bake the best foods… 

Fried chicken on a plate

Your fried chicken is divine, and your roast beef with potatoes and carrots is about as good as it gets. Heck, you can even microwave chicken nuggets and make the blue box mac and cheese better than anyone else. Add in your made-from-scratch cookies, cakes, and brownies, and there is no competing with you!

5. …and can magically make candy and other treats appear 

Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, grandma can make ice cream or M&Ms appear out of thin air.

6. You know precisely what it is your grandkids want to play, and you have it all at your house 

A trampoline (with a net and other safety precautions in place)? Check. All of the equipment they need to play their favorite sports? Check! Barbie and baby dolls? You have boxes full. There’s Disneyland, and then there is grandma’s house. 

7. Grandmas are really good at puzzles 

Crossword puzzle in progress
Flickr/Kate Geraets

The grandkids look at jigsaw, crossword, and Sudoku puzzles like they are impossible codes that no one will ever crack… That is until grandma sits down, fills in all the blanks, and connects all the pieces in one sitting. How do you do it?! 

8. You can sense when you are needed…

Like Spider-man, Grandmas have a spidey sense of sorts when there is trouble, or she is needed. Not wanting to overstep, you may make a simple phone call or shoot a text to check on your family, hoping to have your suspicions either confirmed or denied. If they are confirmed, and grandma is needed, you get to where you need to be in record time. (More on that below.)

9. …And can seemingly teleport to get to your family quickly 

When grandma gets the call that she is needed, neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of light stays this grammy away from her family. Seriously though – how did you get here so quickly?

10. Grandmas have the superpower to make their grandkids feel like the most important people in the world 

Grandma loving time with the grandbaby
Flickr/Micah Sittig

No matter how sad your grandchild might be, you can turn their frown upside-down and make them feel like they are the only thing that matters – because they are to their grandma. If only they could see how amazing they are through their grandma’s eyes…

11. You know ALL about mom or dad 

How did you know that daddy slept with a teddy bear until he was 15 or that mommy used to kiss her poster of Kirk Cameron? Are you a mind reader? A time traveler? How do you do it?

12. Finally, grandmas have the inability to say no 

We aren’t going to let our grandkids get hurt or wander into a dangerous situation – but other than that, the word no is our kryptonite and typically won’t be used when conversing with our grandbabies. 

As you can see, grandmas are magical and powerful people who are significantly cooler than anything Disney or Warner Brothers could ever produce! Can you think of any other superpowers that you have? Let me know! As always, I hope this made you smile – you deserve it.

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