10 Hilarious Ways Grandmas and Grandkids are Basically the Same Person

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Have you ever noticed that you and your grandchild are eerily similar? No, I don’t mean in looks (though that may be the case, too!), but rather in demeanor, personality, and habits! 

Think about it: Do you require an afternoon nap? My little grandson and I do, too! 

Do you have an affinity for sweets? So do your grands. 

How about social media? Do you feel like you’re on Facebook as much as they are on different channels? 

Do you see where I am going with this? 

For fun today, let’s take a look at the ten ways you and your grandchild are surprisingly similar, beginning with those above:

1. Napping Pros

Napping on the beach
Flickr/Donnie Ray Jones

Is there anything better than an afternoon nap? I don’t think so, either! While the elementary-aged children in your life may disagree, the younger ones sure won’t, as they need a nap to rest and refuel, much like you and your fellow grandmas! (On a side note, are you even a grandma if you don’t have a candid picture of you and your grandbaby cuddling in a chair with your heads tipped back, mouths open, with an unfinished storybook in your lap?)

2. Sweet tooth enthusiasts 

Grandmas love to bake homemade treats, and kids love to eat homemade treats, making you two a match made in heaven. (Okay, okay – I like eating said homemade treats, too!) The “sweetest” memories are those shared around the table when you and your grandchild are gabbing while dipping a fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie in a cool glass of milk. 

3. Social media savviness

Who says that social media is for the younger crowd? Last I checked, I have posted more pictures and commented on more posts on Facebook than most teenagers! It isn’t just Facebook that we grannies are getting in on – you can also find us on Instagram and TikTok, with some fellow grandmas posting some pretty impressive (and downright viral!) videos. 

4. Tech troubles

How frustrating is it when you are trying to set up a new device or equipment, and it doesn’t work by just plugging it in? I have found that my toddler grands get it – when they come to grandma’s house and get some TV time, they get a little frazzled when they can’t figure out the remote to turn on Bluey (and no, they do not want grandma’s help!)…

5. Curiosity is our middle name

A walk in the forest
Flickr/Derek Gavey

Okay, maybe not literally, but my grandkids and I ask many questions about each other and the world around us. Whether the two of you (together or separately) are discovering a new hobby and figuring out the ins and outs, or if you are both interested in something you’ve located in nature and want to find out more, you will find that you and your grandkids are equally curious creatures. 

7. Fashionistas (and fashionitos) 

Bold colors, fun prints, and matching accessories… you and your grandkids (or their parents, depending on who is dressing them!) are on top of the trends and considered fashion-forward. One could even say they get it from their grandma (both figuratively and literally, if you bought them the outfit…: P)…

8. A shared gift for gab

Kids love to talk… but so do I! Whether we are sharing stories or jokes, or even just shooting the breeze and telling about our days or something we feel passionate about, the grandkids and I share a gift of gab. While there is nothing wrong with talking, be sure to also listen to what your grandchild says, as you demonstrate how to be a good listener to them, and you will make them feel more loved and appreciated. 

9. Hobby enthusiasts

I love a good hobby! On my own, I enjoy traveling, Jazzercise, and writing (as you may have guessed!). In the case of one of my grandsons, he enjoys insect and rock collecting, playing with monster trucks, and attending hockey games. Together, we enjoy birdwatching, gardening, and painting. All of the above keeps us busy and our minds sharp. 

10. Screentime fans

Tablet time with Grandma
Flickr/Janet McKnight

While we try to limit the grandkids’ screen time (and, if I am being honest, I should probably try to limit mine a little better!), I find that we have a mutual love of watching our shows and playing games on the tablet. While we do these things apart, we also enjoy doing puzzles together on the iPad and binge-watching the aforementioned Bluey. (If you’ve watched it, you get it!) 

Are you surprised by all the similarities between you and your grandkids? Who knew, right? While all of these similarities are beautiful, so are our differences, which make ourselves and our relationships even more unique and special. Enjoy those grandkids, grandma – similarities, differences, and all!

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