Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Meet Your Grandkids Where They Are

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Over the years, as we’ve watched our children grow, we’ve learned a thing or two about the mysteries of parenthood. Now those children are grown and have their own families, and we have been promoted to the best job there is: Grandma! Though this position is a little more laid back and – dare I say – fun,  it opens up a whole new world of love, laughter, and learning, as each child is a unique little puzzle waiting to be understood, cherished, and supported.

While spoiling and loving the living daylights out of these perfect little humans is a massive part of grandparenting, we still need to meet them where they are by understanding their individual needs and building relationships based on mutual respect and affection.

This may sound like a daunting task, but it is quite easy with these simple yet powerful tips:

1. Discover Their World

Child dressed as a superhero

Our grandchildren are growing up in a very different world than the one we experienced. Technology has transformed everything from how they learn to how they play. And while it might feel like we’re grappling with a foreign language, it’s worth the effort to become fluent.

Invest time in learning about the video games they love, the social media platforms they use, or the TV shows and movies they enjoy. Show an interest and ask them to teach you for a fantastic way to bridge the generation gap and show them that you respect and value their world.

2. Active Listening Goes a Long Way

In our eagerness to impart wisdom, we can sometimes forget how important it is to listen. Kids, no matter their age, need to feel heard and understood, which helps build their confidence and trust.

Practice active listening by showing genuine interest in their stories, their dreams, their worries, and then ask open-ended questions and listen to the answers without judgment. Doing this is a simple way to show them that their thoughts and feelings matter to you.

3. Celebrate Their Individuality

Every child is a unique bundle of talents, interests, and quirks that deserve to be celebrated! Encourage your grandkids to explore their interests and support them in their pursuits.

Resist the urge to compare them to their siblings, cousins, or even their parents when they were young. Recognize and appreciate them for who they are, which fosters a strong sense of self-worth and also makes them feel deeply loved.

4. Create Cherished Traditions

Baking with Mom and Grandma

One of the joys of being a grandparent is the chance to create unique traditions with our grandchildren. These can be as simple as baking cookies together every Sunday, reading a book before bed, or having a special picnic once a month.

Such rituals give them something to look forward to and become memories they’ll cherish long after we’re gone. Plus, it gives us a precious, predictable time to connect, away from the hustle and bustle of life.

5. Practice Unconditional Love

Let’s face it, friends: Our grandkids will make mistakes. They will stumble and fall, they will test boundaries, and sometimes they might even disappoint us. It’s all part of growing up.

In these moments, it’s crucial to offer them a safe space filled with unconditional love. Assure them that, no matter what they do or say, your love for them remains unchanged, providing them a powerful foundation for them to grow, learn, and navigate life’s challenges.

6. Let Them Teach You

We’ve lived rich, full lives with decades of experience, but remember, our grandchildren have their unique wisdom to share as well! Ask them to teach you something they’re passionate about, be it a TikTok dance, a Minecraft strategy, or how to take the perfect selfie.

This reversal of roles can be an empowering experience for them and a humbling one for us. It not only makes them feel competent and appreciated but also brings an element of fun and surprise to our relationship.

7. Foster a Love for Learning

Writing practice with Grandma

As grandparents, we can cultivate a love for learning in our grandkids by encouraging their curiosity about the world, answering their questions, and exploring with them. Whether it’s looking up why the sky is blue, teaching them how to knit, or exploring a local museum together, every moment can be turned into a learning opportunity.

By doing so, we not only enrich their knowledge but also foster critical thinking, curiosity, and a lifelong love for learning.

8. Be Their Biggest Fan

Everyone needs a cheerleader, someone who believes in them unconditionally. As grandparents, we can be that unwavering source of support by attending their school concerts, cheering them on at their soccer games, and applauding their every little accomplishment.

Remember, it’s not about the outcome but the effort. So whether they score the winning goal or are struggling to make it, your pride and encouragement will mean the world to them!


Grandparenthood is a beautiful journey, filled with love, wisdom, and the joy of watching our grandchildren grow. Meeting them where they are isn’t always easy, but the rewards are immeasurable. Remember, our role as grandparents is to enrich their lives with our love, experience, and yes, our infinite patience.

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