Grandma’s Month-by-Month Guide To Unforgettable Moments With Your Grandchild

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If you are like me, you are always looking for new things to see and do with your grandkids, as you cannot get enough of them and want to make as many memories as possible! One way I come up with unique things to do is to create a calendar of ideas complete with activities that correlate with the time of year.

Are you looking for a bit of inspiration? I sat down and started brainstorming a few month-by-month ideas of things grandmas can do with their grandkids that you can either use for yourself or as a starting point for your own custom ideas! This list has a little bit of everything: indoor camping, egg hunts, and even a cookie-baking marathon! 

Please read on, and as always, let me know what you think! 

1. January: Indoor Camping Adventure

Birthday party camping
Flickr/penny meyer

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but, as always, Grandma’s house is oh-so delightful! Make your home even more fun and memorable for the grands when you turn your living room into a campground with a tent or blanket fort, traditional camping snacks (s’mores and hot dogs, anyone?), and stories around the fireplace – err, campfire. Remember also to plan outdoor-inspired crafts and activities like rock painting and leaf art and a special camp-themed movie night.

2. February: Valentine’s Day Craft Session

This activity is straightforward and fun, as you dedicate an entire day (or weekend!) to creating Valentine’s Day cards, crafts, and treats! Before your themed session, stock up on all the essentials (a la construction paper, doilies, and stickers) at the dollar store and load up on conversation hearts and cookie decorating supplies. When you’re together, you can make Valentines for them to hand out to their friends and classmates, decor, and tons of sugary snacks they can enjoy now or later. 

3. March: Plant a Miniature Garden

Magnolia Fairy Garden
Flickr/Becci Sheptock

Spring is in the air, so it is time to begin planning your garden! While it is still too chilly to plant outside (the rule of thumb in my neck of the woods is to wait until after Mother’s Day), it is the perfect time to create a miniature garden with your grandchild(ren). Also known as a fairy garden, a miniature garden can be planted in a terrarium or shallow pot filled with small plants and whimsical decor like tiny fences, bridges, or even small garden tools.

4. April: DIY Easter Egg Hunt

I have LOTS of ideas for this one. 🙂

5. May: Nature Walk and Scavenger Hunt

Up-close fall leaf
Flickr/Sheila Sund

May is my favorite month to be outdoors, as it is warm but not too hot (I melt in the summer). Take advantage of this comfortable period with outdoor nature walks and scavenger hunts! To combine the two, make a list of things your grandchild needs to find while you’re walking, like three acorns, five sticks, and a purple flower. Bring a bag to collect the items and examine them more when you get home. 

6. June: Grandparent-Grandchild Picnic

Kids love eating outside – heck, so do grandmas! – which calls for a picnic. Discuss with your grandchild what sorts of food you would each like to eat and then prepare and pack them together. After eating, you can play outdoor games or enjoy quiet time lying on the blanket and watching the clouds float by.

7. July: Backyard Water Fun Day

Backyard sprinkler fun

July is the peak of summer, which calls for LOTS of splish-splashing fun! Beat the heat by setting up a sprinkler or an inflatable pool, fill up a bucket with water balloons, and feast on homemade popsicles. Seriously: Is there a better way to spend a summer day and beat the heat? 

8. August: Stargazing and Astronomy Night

The grandkids can’t return to school without enjoying a night under the stars. Enter this stargazing and astronomy night, where you turn your backyard into your own personal planetarium with lessons on constellations and stars (you can find books on this at the library or documentaries on YouTube) and a late-night viewing with binoculars and/or a telescope.

9. September: Back-to-School Time Capsule

Summer photo collage
Flickr/Kate Coleman

You had a wonderful summer with your grandkids and enjoyed a night under the stars, picnics, and other fun activities. Freeze this moment in time with a back-to-school time capsule! To create yours, ask your grandchild to collect items and memories from the summer (you can contribute, too) and then place them into a container to be opened later. (I have much more information and many more ideas on creating a time capsule here!)

10. October: Halloween Costume Creation

Why would anyone ever spend an arm and a leg on a generic Halloween costume when you can make your own original outfit? Ask your grandchild what they would like to be for Halloween and help them assemble their one-of-a-kind costume! To do so, you can visit your local thrift and craft store to stock up on everything you need and help your grand with sewing or other modifications.

11. November: Family Tree Project

Family Tree Book Pages

Family is everything, so projects like this – especially during the month of Thanksgiving – are so very important! Share your heritage with your grandchild by completing a family tree where you research your family’s past and then turn it into a visual display that can be passed down for years to come. 

12. December: Holiday Baking Extravaganza

‘Tis the season for ALL the baking, so what better time than now to share your favorite recipes? From cookies with fun shapes to brownies with homemade frosting and crushed peppermint to puppy chow and Rice Krispy treats, there is no shortage of sugar to go around this most wonderful time of the year! 


Are you getting excited/inspired? Me too! I hope these ideas give you tons of new things to do with your grandkids. Remember: No matter what you do, you are making memories that you can both cherish forever and what’s better than that? 

What are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy those grandbabies! 

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