The Top 10 Superpowers Every Grandma Needs to Possess

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Did you know that when you become a grandma, you are betrothed with a handful of superpowers that only you and your fellow Devoted Grandmas possess? Isn’t it exciting? No, you aren’t going to be able to fly or see through walls (eyes in the back of your head, however, is a definite yes!), but something even better!

In case these new skills haven’t been introduced to you, I would like to present you with the top 10 superpowers that every grandma needs to – and does – possess: 

1. Endless vault of memories

Grandmas have an uncanny ability to recall the tiniest details from their children’s past and, now, their grandchildren’s. Remember that song you hummed to them when they were three months old? Of course, you do! Isn’t it a gift?

2. The magical healing kiss

A graze, a bump, a little boo-boo? Fear not, for a grandma’s kiss is known to have mystical healing properties. Okay, it might not mend a broken bone (at least, I have never tried…), but it fixes a broken spirit instantly.

3. Bottomless bag of snacks

How do grandmas always have a treat or snack ready in their bags, regardless of the occasion? It’s like Mary Poppins’ bag but filled with mints, Goldfish, and plastic baggies full of Cheerios.

4. The patience of a saint

Tantrums, endless questions, and the same story for the umpteenth time? Step aside, St. Monica, for a Grandma’s patience reservoir is bottomless, which makes us the perfect companion for our chatty and curious grandbabies.

5. Generator of the warmest hugs

Only a grandma can give you that unique kind of bear hug. Do you remember the way it felt when your grandma hugged you? You are now that source of comfort for the world’s sweetest kiddos. Your embrace, Grandma, is the sort that feels like a cozy blanket on a cold day, melting away all the troubles of the world.

6. Dream interpreter

Had a nightmare? Don’t worry – Grandma is here with a logical, comforting explanation that puts any dream dictionary to shame. (Plus, our versions usually have fairy-tale endings!)

7. Human lie detector

Are you trying to sneak in an extra cookie or fib about bedtime? Grandmas have an innate sixth sense when detecting those tiny white lies. But guess what? We sometimes let you get away with it. Just don’t tell your parents…

8. Master storyteller

Whether it’s a fable, a story from our past, or a completely made-up tale, we have an enthralling way of weaving narratives that can keep listeners, young and old, hooked.

9. Love amplifier

Ever felt like you’re the most special person in the room when grandma’s around? (Me, too, and I miss it!) That’s because grandmas have a supercharged ability to amplify love, making each grandchild feel like the apple of their eye.

10. Time travel extraordinaire

With a whiff of a particular dish or a lullaby, grandmas can transport you back in time, revisiting cherished memories and creating new ones to be treasured. That, my friends, maybe our most extraordinary power of all.


There you have it: the exclusive club of Grandma Superpowers! We might not don the capes (but if you’re into that, please do!), but we sure are the unsung heroes of every family. Embrace these powers, grandmas of the world, and continue sprinkling your magic!

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