7 Signature Touches That Define a Grandmother’s Embrace

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When it comes to comfort, there is no one better than a grandma, thanks to our calm and loving energy and our signature touches. Speaking of the latter, what will it be? A bear hug? One of our famous back rubs? What about a huge high-five when you do something worth celebrating? (We love them all!)

While these touches are some of our best, we have even more in our repertoire, the most famous of which include:

1. The protective wrap

You’ve heard of mama bear, but grandma bear (and our protective, bear-sized hugs)? That’s a whole new level of love and protection! Grandma bears do not only show their love by defending but also through a protective wrap. How does this work? Unlike regular hugs, the protective wrap is a hug where you envelop your grands in your arms, making a little cocoon away from the world. It’s like a silent promise, saying, “Right here, right now, you’re cherished and safe.”

2. That one-of-a-kind scent

I remember my grandma’s each having their own scent. It wasn’t perfumy or harsh – it was just a light and pleasant smell that made me feel safe and loved. Believe it or not, you have that same scent with your grands, whether it be your lotion or the smell of your kitchen. It’s that unique scent that, over time, your grandkids have come to associate with warmth, love, and, of course, you.

3. The gentle rock

Grandmas are known for rocking their grandbabies – we have a knack for it! While it is comforting for grandbaby and grandma alike, the rocking motion is almost like a dance of love between generations, as the gentle sway I share with my grandkids, even if they’ve outgrown my lap, has a rhythm all its own. This little dance, of sorts, isn’t just soothing – it’s a silent song that tells them, “With me, you’ll always find stability and calm.”

4. Whispers full of wisdom

There’s something about the velvety soft voice of a grandma that seems to cut through the clamor of life. When I pull my grandchild close and into that famous protective wrap, I also like to share bits of encouragement or little secrets that will shine in their eye. (Trust me – it’s the little moments like this that they will remember and cherish forever.)

5. Our soft, soothing touch

Do you ever gently stroke your grandkid’s hair or back or hold their face in your hands? These little gestures, tender and fleeting, are powerful. Moments like these don’t need many words. With every pat and caress, you make them feel cherished and adored.

6. The pause that’s more than a moment

Life is a flurry of fleeting moments, but sometimes, I like to hit the pause button. Have you ever held onto a hug a bit longer, savoring the closeness? It’s in that prolonged embrace or lingering kiss on the forehead where time seems to stand still – and that’s how this grandma likes it.

7. The afterglow of a memory

Long after our interaction, there’s a feeling, an aura, that remains. It’s like a sunset’s residual warmth or a beautiful melody’s echo. And even if they are miles apart, I hope that every time my grandkids think of our time together, they feel a hug from within, a gentle reminder that says, “Every moment with grandma is a memory etched in the heart.”


There’s an unspoken language between grandparents and their grandchildren, and these signature touches are the verses of that language. Speak it often, my fellow Devoted Grandmas – these are the moments that those precious grandkids will remember the most!

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