8 Ways You’re An Actual Superhero To Your Grandkids

Not all heroes wear capes.

Some wear oven mitts, graying hair, and huge hearts filled with love. That’s a grandma for you, one of the most underrated superheroes in the galaxy!

Before you call me crazy and think I’m just trying to butter you up like a roll, hear me out. You might be surprised by your superpowers.

And the best part? Your grandkids see them all and watch in awe.

1. You’re Magic

You make cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, and other treats appear out of thin air. When your grandkid sees you, it’s like magic!

And the way they manage to devour all of the treats is kinda like magic too.

2. You Can Time Travel

You always have personal experience or memories of things that happened way before your grandchildren were born. You’re incredibly wise and seem to know something about everything.

How does Grandma always know about the things from school? She must have superpowers!

3. Your House Has All The Secret Passages

Your house is different, so it’s a magical land and you’re the Queen of it, Grandma.

That closet you don’t think twice about is a secret universe to your grandkid. Exploring your house is the most fun thing in the world. You basically live in a castle in their eyes!

4. You Have Enhanced Senses

Maybe your eyes don’t see as well as they used to, but you’ve been around long enough to know what your grandchildren are up to. You have a spidey-sense about you after all this time.

They must wonder how on Earth you knew what they were doing when they were “sooo quiet!”

5. You’re The Great Defender

You take their side on just about everything, even if mom and dad give you a dirty look for it. You’d defend them from the smallest to the biggest adversity out there.

It’s in your heart and soul to have their back. You’re their superhero!

PS: be sure to respect mom and dad’s boundaries of course!

6. Your Body Can Regenerate

Let’s face it, we end up going to a lot more doctor visits and have a lot more ailments than when we were younger. It’s part of aging.

But to your grandchildren, that makes you a lot like Wolverine! He can regenerate and so can you.

7. You Can Fly

Okay, I’m just kidding. I don’t think any of us can fly. 🙂

Or can we? Your grandkids might just wonder because it seems like you can do everything else!

8. Your Love Is Unconditional

And finally, you possess the greatest superpower of them all: unconditional love.

This is what makes you, without a doubt, a superhero. When a child is felt loved, it carries into every part of their life, which impacts other lives, which ultimately makes the world a better place.

So, Grandma, embrace your position as a SUPERHERO! Because you undoubtedly are one.

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