The 7 Surprise Similarities Between Being A Grandma And Autumn

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In case you haven’t guessed from my many recent posts about fall and all the autumn-themed activities you can do with your grands, I LOVE this time of year. Can you blame me? This got me thinking: Do other grandmas love this time of year as much as I do? Why do I love the fall so darn much?

Once I began to rack my brain, I realized many similarities between grandmas and autumn. Are you surprised? You won’t be after you read about these 7 surprise similarities between being a grandma and the season of autumn:

1. Maturity and beauty 

Just as trees in autumn show off their most vibrant colors, grandparenting represents a mature, beautiful stage in a person’s life, colored by wisdom, experience, and profound love. This is when the beauty of life, enriched by years of experience, truly shines through (just as the year is getting older and becoming more lovely by the day).

2. Harvesting memories

Autumn is traditionally a time of harvest where we reap what we’ve sown. Similarly, grandparenting is about harvesting memories, cherishing moments with grandchildren, and enjoying the fruits of years spent raising one’s children.

3. Preparation and guidance

As trees shed leaves in preparation for the upcoming winter, grandparents often help prepare their grandkids for life’s challenges, guiding them through their stories, experiences, and lessons learned.

4. Reflection and legacy

Autumn is a season of reflection – a pause, of sorts, before the stillness of winter. Grandparenting is a reflective time, considering the legacy one leaves behind and ensuring that values, traditions, and family stories are passed down to the next generation.

5. Change and adaptation 

Just as the world transforms in autumn, grandparents witness significant changes in family dynamics, roles, and even themselves. Change can be difficult, I know, but this period teaches adaptability, understanding, and embracing the ebb and flow of life. (You know just as well as I that there are more ebbs and flows than we can count!)

6. Endings and new beginnings 

While autumn is seen as the year’s decline, it’s also essential for new growth, as leaves decompose and enrich the soil for future plants. Similarly, grandparents often support and nurture their grandkids, ensuring a solid foundation for the new generation to thrive.

7. Coziness and comfort

Autumn goes hand in hand with cozy moments, a la warm drinks, firesides, and snuggly blankets. Grandparents often provide that same comfort and warmth, offering a safe haven, stories by the bedside, and, of course, those special treats only we know how to make.


In essence, both autumn and grandparenting are poignant reminders of life’s impermanence, the beauty of fleeting moments, and the importance of cherishing and nurturing the connections we hold dear. They teach us that while life is transient, every stage has unique beauty and purpose.

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