Build Your Grandchild’s Self-Esteem With These 10 Fool-Proof Steps

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It’s a fact that people with higher self-esteem tend to do better in life and make better choices than those with a low outlook of themselves and those around them. With society constantly reminding us how imperfect we are (which, of course, we are – we are all human!), how are we supposed to raise a generation of confident people with high morals and self-esteem?

It is possible, and it can begin with YOU, grandma! Here is how you can quickly and easily build your grandchild’s self-esteem via these 10 simple yet foolproof steps: 

1. Celebrate small achievements

Did your grandchild tie their shoe? Complete a puzzle? Or maybe they just managed to eat broccoli for the first time? Rejoice in these little milestones! By doing this, you let them know every step, no matter how small, is a step toward greatness.

2. Active listening

When they talk, really listen. (Trust me: Feeling seen and heard can do WONDERS for a person’s self-esteem!) Whether it’s about the cute squirrel they saw in the park or their concerns about a school project, you are communicating that their voice matters by listening to what they say.

3. Be their biggest cheerleader

Attend their games, recitals, and school plays, as your presence and cheering mean the world to them. It communicates that they’re worth your time and energy, Grandma, which, of course, they are!

4. Encourage expression

Let your grandkids draw, write, sing, or dance, and encourage them to express themselves in ways they feel most comfortable. When you do this, you are fostering creativity and reinforcing the notion that their feelings and thoughts are valid.

5. Family stories

Sharing stories of yourself, your kids (your grandkids’ parents), and other generations is a great way to teach your grandkids resistance and life lessons. Tell stories of when any (or all) of you overcame challenges. Knowing they come from a lineage of resilience can boost their confidence in their abilities.

6. No comparisons

Each child is unique, and your grandchild is no exception. Avoid comparing them to their siblings, cousins, or even their past selves, and emphasize the beauty in being unique and appreciating their own journey.

7. Embrace mistakes

Instead of scolding your grandkids for errors (remember, we are all human!), treat mistakes as opportunities to learn, as this approach teaches them that it’s okay to be imperfect and that growth comes from acknowledging and working on our flaws.

8. Encourage independence

Small tasks like setting the table, choosing their clothes, or even helping in the garden can give your grandchildren a sense of responsibility and achievement. (Plus, it helps grandma, too!)

9. Affection galore

A hug, a kiss, a pat on the back – these gestures might seem simple, but they’re physical reaffirmations of your love and pride in your beloved grandbabies.

10. Open conversations

Create an environment where your grands feel safe discussing their insecurities. While you’re at it, share some of your own too! This openness can help them understand that everyone has self-doubts, and it’s normal. Plus, talking about it is the first step in addressing and overcoming these doubts.


Grandmas are special people who can make their grands feel like the most important people on earth (which they are!) and build them up. Keep doing what you’re doing, as you do a great job of instilling something very special into this next generation!

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