8 Daily Habits To Stay Close And Connected To Your Grandchildren

When you are a grandma, you cannot get enough time with your grandchildren and want to spend as much time with them as possible! If you don’t live in the same area, however, this can be tricky and may leave you feeling sad and lonely for those sweet little ones who call you grandma. Fear not, fellow dear and Devoted Grandma, for there are plenty of ways to stay connected with the grands, including these 8 daily habits that will keep you close and connected:

Video chatting and phone calls 

Kid video chatting on a laptop
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Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way! While I only live an hour and a half from my grands, I only get to see them weekly, or every other week, so I cherish our (at least) once-daily video chatting sessions that allow us to see each other, catch up, and plan our next visit. Another bonus? The younger kids have never been nervous around grandma and grandpa because they are so used to seeing our faces and hearing our voices.

Send texts and pictures of things that remind you of them 

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Is your grandchild a big sports fan? Text them before, during, and after the game to check in and discuss. If you have a shared hobby, send updates on what you’re working on (I.e., sorting coins, mounting rocks on a display board, painting, etc.). Maybe you are just thinking of them and want to tell them that you hope they are having a good day. Whatever best applies to you, use it and shoot them a text! (Are your grandkids too young for a phone or messaging app? If mom or dad don’t mind, send the message to them to read to the kids!)

Snail Mail

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This may not be an everyday thing but send letters, postcards, and surprise packages if and when you can. There is nothing more fun for kids than getting something in the mail (and it’s even more special because it’s coming from YOU, their special grandma)! Another easy idea? I have a friend who writes and sends her grandbaby a letter every week, which is something that her little granddaughter will have and cherish for the rest of her life.


Stack of notebooks
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This may be something more for when your grandchildren are older, but make it a habit to write something to them in a journal every day. Tell them what you are doing, how something reminded you of them, write them a poem, share a story of when you were their age or anything else that is on your heart.

Words of affirmation 

Grandmother and grandson at a baseball game with popcorn
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Whether you’re in person or far away, make it a habit to build up your grandchild whenever you speak. Remind them of how smart they are, how great they are at XYZ, and that you noticed how kind they were when they *insert kind moment here*. By building them up regularly, you are building their confidence and helping to shape the adult they will become.

Don’t nitpick

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While discipline is sometimes necessary, it is not necessarily your job to do (one of the many perks of being a grandma), so don’t be too hard on the grandkids. Kids will be kids, so unless they are talking back or harming themselves or someone else, you can be more laid back (and leave the scolding to mom or dad). 

On that glorious day when you are together again, refrain from screens and other distractions 

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If you haven’t seen your grandchild recently (or even if you have!), you will want to give them your undivided attention, so they know just how important they are. Not only will your time and attention make them feel special, but it will also strengthen your bond even more.

On that note, when you are together, shower them with physical contact 

Woman and boy hug

Family therapist Virginia Satir said it best when she stated, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” Whether it’s hugs, backrubs, or cuddles while you read, physical touch will strengthen your bond and make your grandchild feel safe and loved. (While it’s beneficial for them, you must admit that it does wonders for grandma, too!) 

I hope these easy-to-implement habits help strengthen your relationship and bond as much as they have for my grandkids and me. Check back soon, as I will have even more tips and tricks to share. Talk soon! 

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