Teen Praised For Act Of Kindness Toward An Elderly Gentleman In Need

They say the true test of a person’s character is what they do when no one is watching. Well, 18-year-old Ebony Williams thought no one was looking when she performed an act of kindness for someone in need while on her shift at the Waffle House…

The Houston teenager has been saving up to go to school and tallying her tips after every shift. But she’s clearly not just in it for the money. When she served an older man one busy Saturday morning, she noticed he was having trouble cutting his food. His hands just aren’t up to it anymore at 78 years old. So she helped out not even thinking it was a big deal.

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But the act of kindness did not go unnoticed by others. Another customer snapped some photos of the moment, and soon the story made the rounds on the local news!

A few days later, the old man, Adrian, was told he was very popular. It turned out they knew him from a post on Facebook that shared the special moment. And as for Ebony, the city declared the day as her day going forward, and she received a $16,000 scholarship from Texas Southern University! She didn’t do it for the attention or glory, but she deserves all the praise for adding a little light to this world.

See the moment that went viral in the video below!

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