New Glasses Allow Toddler To See His Parents’ Faces For The First Time

There are precious moments in life, and then there are moments like this one.

A little boy born with a chromosomal abnormality know as DiGeorge syndrome means he is missing a small piece of his 22nd chromosome, and that missing information can cause some abnormalities. Jaxon has already undergone two heart surgeries and will need at least two more in the future. The first 255 days of his life were spent in the hospital, and the parents, Charles and Cassie, were told the boy would need really strong lenses to be able to see properly.

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So at the Children’s Hospital in Alabama, they got the three-year-old boy fitted for glasses. And these special lenses would allow him to see his parents’ faces for the very first time…

Jaxon’s reaction can’t even be put into words. His father said, “When his face lit up we knew the world had opened up for him.” By sharing videos such as this one, Charles and Cassie hope to raise awareness for their son’s unique condition and provide an easier path forward in life for kids like him. My thoughts and prayers are with Jaxon, and I hope nothing but the best for his future. What a sweet little boy!

Witness the amazing moment in the video below. <3

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