Neighbor Boy Caught Stopping By Every Day To Pet Misunderstood Cat

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Never judge a book by its cover.

Ace the cat lost an eye due to an infection, but he’s the sweetest pet. He was taken in by a kind family as a stray and has been spoiled ever since. But because of his defect, he’s often misunderstood and people shy away from him. Children even find him scary.

So Ace’s owners were surprised one day to notice a little boy petting the cat on the outdoor security camera. This became a regular occurrence, and the act warmed their hearts…

They didn’t want the neighbor boy to feel like he had to sneak around anymore and let him know he’s free to come by anytime! And Ace loved this as he took a mutual interest and love in the boy. He started to sit at the front door and run outside at the sight of his friend!

Norma Maikovich/The Dodo

Others will surely continue to be hesitant around the cat, but this kid learned a long time ago to never judge a book by its cover! And because of that, these two now share an incredible bond and friendship for life. What an amazing daily routine they have! <3

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