Adult Children Gift Their Stepdad An Adoption Request In Disguise

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The best gifts come straight from the heart. They aren’t determined by size, color, or value. Many times, they aren’t a physical object at all. Or in the case in the video below, they can be some simple pieces of paper. And on this Christmas day, Ben Lewis was about to receive the greatest present he could’ve ever imagined…

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In the video below, we have siblings Nikki (38), Jessica (34), and Thomas (30) who pretend as if a gift was forgotten, but they were actually saving the best for last. They brought out a box for their stepdad that looked like it’s from Amazon and stuffed with lots of shredded paper to hide the present inside. And Ben started to open it up.

Nikki’s husband, Brandon, made sure to record the entire thing, and everyone waited with anticipation to see Ben’s reaction to the documents inside. After all, this had been 18 years in the making.

His children got the idea when Nikki realized one night that Ben could adopt the adults with their consent. They have always considered him a father figure and family member, so they decided to make it official! Their stepdad got to the papers and looked them over, and his reaction hit far better than anyone could’ve hoped.

How lovely! See the emotional moment in the video below:

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