Mary Maxwell Weighs In On How To Spend That Inheritance

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We’re back with Home Instead Senior Care’s “Laughing with Mary” in which Mary Maxwell answers readers’ questions and settles the scores! Her thoughts are always from the heart, and her knowledge is top notch. You may even get a laugh or two out of it! She seems to always have the answers, and it’s no different this time around…

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Sandra from Fort Worth, Texas, wrote in to ask Mary, “Dear Mary, I recently inherited a little bit of money when my sister passed away. I would like to use it to upgrade our kitchen, which hasn’t seen a new appliance since Ford was in office. My husband wants to go on a vacation. He keeps telling me it could be our last vacation, but he’s always been a little dramatic. Will you be a tie-breaker on this one?”

Sandra, you’re in luck. Mary’s specialty is being a tie-breaker! There are several different directions to go with the money on this one, and Mary does her best to talk through them all…

Sandra doesn’t say exactly what a “little bit of money” is, but it can be inferred from the options provided that it must be a couple of thousand dollars at least. Mary uses that information to come up with the best solution possible, one that is sure to make both Sandra and her husband happy. There’s nothing like a good compromise! 😀

Hear her witty answer in the video below!

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