Missing Cat Returns Home With A Note Around Her Neck 3 Days Later

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Our pets are often mischievous and unpredictable—You just never know what you’re going to get with them! Especially if you have an outdoor pet that roams, they can get into some serious mischief and shenanigans. If only they could talk, I’d bet the stories they could tell would have us either laughing our heads off or worried to death… Or both!

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In the video below, we have a story of a pet tabby cat who went missing from her owner’s for three days in Thailand. They were super worried about their chubby gray kitty when she finally returned to the door after apparently having some fun out on the town. And the cheeky, unapologetic look on her face matched the contents of the note she was wearing around her neck!

On a piece of cardboard that someone had obviously placed there for the owner to see, it stated that the cat had been around eyeballing their shop. The kitty was out creating some trouble the way only a cat could, and now the truth was on its way back home to come to the light!

The silly feline had even racked up some debt on this adventure, but the owners made sure to pay the shop back in full. Now, this cat knows exactly where to go to get just what she wants in the future, and that spells trouble going forward! It’s no wonder she had that look on her face… She’d just hit the cat lottery! 😀

See and hear the short story in the video below:

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