Puppy Gets Frustrated When A Wave Ruins All Of His Hard Work

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There’s nothing like a nice day at the beach. The sun, the waves crashing into the shore, it’s just the ultimate relaxing experience. Unless you’re this puppy! He was having fun soaking up the rays while doing what dogs do best — dig holes!

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But after all of his hard work, it came crashing down in one swoop! The waves didn’t seem to care about the time and effort put into digging this hole, and they came across the sand leaving water behind where the pup was doing his version of building a sand castle! 😛

The poor pup didn’t see it coming, and the water hitting his paws has him taken aback and sends him scurrying! He’d never experienced anything quite like it. But he doesn’t want to get wet, and it’s interrupting his work!

Watch as the adorable pup barks at the waves out of frustration as the water fills the hole in the sand. While I don’t think that’s enough to faze the ocean, it’s just the dog’s natural reaction and one of the cutest things you’ll ever see! Don’t take my word for it, hit that play button!

See the moment it all boils over below! 😉

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