Hungry Moose Lays Eyes On The Indoor Plants & Wanders Into Hospital Lobby

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Some things in life, you just had to be there to believe it. But in this day of technology, so many things are now captured on video whether on someone’s personal cell or security camera. The lack of privacy can be annoying, but we get to relive and take in so many crazy moments we may have had a hard time picturing before…

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In the video below, a hungry moose was captured on camera wandering into a hospital in Alaska. Apparently, the young moose was just looking for some plants to graze on, and he saw the indoor plants in the lobby and didn’t think twice about helping himself!

The whole incident was recorded on the hospital’s security camera for all to see, and honestly, we’re better off for it! Can you even believe what you’re seeing here? 😀

This certainly isn’t something you see every day! But it all worked out, because even though the situation really turned some heads, no one freaked out and even the moose remained calm. The moose was then escorted out of the building, and according to hospital staff, took a nap outside nearby. No harm, no foul, and a wild story these people get to tell with the proof to back it up! 🙂

See the head-turning moment in the video below!

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