The Moment Trooper Finds Little Boy Who Was Lost In The Woods

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I can’t imagine what would be going through my mind if my young child or grandkid went missing. Our kids are our entire world, and the thought that they are alone out there somewhere and something potentially wrong would just be too much to take. Recently, a four-year-old little boy went missing, but thankfully it wasn’t for very long and there was a happy ending…

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The boy and his black Labrador wandered away from home and were lost in the woods for an hour. But rescue footage was captured by the trooper’s vest camera, and it’s a joyous moment for the family and everyone involved.

They are out on search when the New Jersey State Police trooper hears the boy off in the distance and takes off running. And by the kid’s side the entire time was, of course, man’s best friend and furry companion for life!

The video shows the mother picking the boy up and consoling him as he cries and tells her that he lost his shoe. It must have been such a scary moment for him to be lost among all of the trees with no sense of direction. But his guardian angel was by his side, and no one suffered any harm in the end. Such a blessing and a miracle!

See the incredible moment and story in the video below:

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